Post of the Day: Wes Hampton on Athens

Gaither Vocal Band tenor Wes Hampton has a fascinating post up (with pictures) from Athens, Greece … where the Gaither Vocal Band was set to do a concert that night. It’s an interesting read; check it out. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link appears to be down, and has been removed.]

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  1. Thanks for sharing as I don’t visit his web site every week. What an honor that would be to be able to sing in all those countries.

  2. It’s sweet if him to update us while they are on the European tour. I know how expensive it is to have access to the Internet over there!

  3. As of today he has posted more picures and comments on his blog. Very interesting to keep up with them.

    • One of my dreams was to see Greece and Egypt when I couldn’t
      afford to go-Now as a crippled 85 yr old man I can’t go but I am
      seeing Greece thru Wes’ camera and GOD love him for the pictures…Thanking him and his fellow travelers I am…Joe Sahadi
      Give my best to Marshall Hall and Guy Penrod…I sure miss the
      trio of you three singing…