Paul Lancaster joins Palmetto State Quartet

Kerry Beatty has been the one mainstay of the Palmetto State Quartet through the numerous personnel changes they’ve had over the last few years. But it appears he’s left. Burke’s Brainwork notes an update to the group’s mySpace page ( that indicates that Paul Lancaster is their new lead singer.

Paul Lancaster has been criticized—unfairly—for never staying anywhere long. I have heard that even if he does a recording with a group, he has viewed some (and perhaps most) of  his stints with groups as being an extended fill-in while the group determines its long-term direction.

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  1. Sounds like Paul has the right idea.
    I would like to take it a step further in my lapse into a “positive mentality” thought process.
    It okay in the evangelical church circles to have people of God have a calling of being interim pastor for local churches while pastor search team agree on a permanent pastoral candidate to present to the congregation.
    Groups should be allow to do the same until the chosen one is found.

  2. Paul Lancaster is one of the best. He’s filled in for our group many, many times and always brought something great with him.

  3. Yes, you are absolutly correct Paul Lancaster HAS joined PSQ!!!
    We are very thankful to have some one of such talent as Paul. He is the permanant lead singer for PSQ. He is such a blessing to us!! I am the Road Manager for the group, and what a pleasure it is to have mean of such talent that love the lord. Our line-up currently consist of Paul Lancaster-Lead Brian Beatty-Lead Robert Fulton-Tenor and Larry Strickland-Bass/Owner. As for Kerry, he took a position in South Flordia as full-time Minister of Music at a church. He is finally getting to spend time with his family, although he will be DEARLY missed out here on the road, we are happy to see him be able to spend time with his Wife and Son. Larry Strickland is the new Owner of PSQ. If you have any questions please ASK!


    Michael W. Carman

  4. I am happy for Paul and PSQ.
    I have known Paul since he first started coming to Gold City concerts.

    Bob Oliver

  5. Is Paul still with PSQ?

    Bob Oliver

    • I’m sorry—I don’t know!

  6. In case anyone’s reading the comments from this far back , I’m Robert Fulton with the Palmetto State Quartet. And yes, Paul us still with us! 🙂

    Have a great one, everybody!


    • I know a number of people read them, because the recent comments appear in the sidebar. Thanks for the update!