That Says it All (George Younce)

Both during and after his last years with the Cathedrals, George Younce released several albums. This particular project was released in 1998, when he was still on the road with the Cathedrals, it’s still available from his website.¬†[EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.]

The project includes one song quite familiar from his Cathedrals repertoire, Jon Mohr’s “Rumormill.” But other than that, all the songs are written by one of three different songwriters / songwriting teams. There are three Albert E. Brumley songs (“You Can Find a Friend in the Lord,” “Led by the Master’s Hand,” and “I Couldn’t Begin to Tell You”), two Mosie Lister songs (“That Says it All” and “Call Home,”) and four songs written by Toni Jolene Clay and Ed Miller (“While There’s Breath in My Body,” “I’m Not Afraid of Shadows Anymore,” “The Hand,” and “He Loves Me.”)

One of the album highlights is Albert Brumley’s “Led By the Hand.” This is the same song the Inspirations recently recorded (on I Know). It’s not often that a soloist pulls off a song with a genuine quartet touch, but that’s what Younce does here.

Probably the standout ballad on this project is “I’m Not Afraid of Shadows Anymore,” a song that would have fit well on a Cathedrals project.

Of all Younce’s solo albums that I have heard to date, this has probably the strongest song selection. It is on par with his other projects in production quality and is overall an enjoyable release.

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  1. One of my favorite cds!

    In my opinion, I think this version of ‚ÄúRumormill” is better than the Cathedrals version.

    But my favorite George solo album would be “Day By Day”. The title cut is a perfect song to remember George by, it fits well with his past struggle of health problems before finally going home.

  2. I’d like so much the lyrics of CD “that says it all” as ever as possible.

    I love George And I’ve been blessed with these songs.