Pure Class

On pages 34 and 35 of the latest Singing News, the Booth Brothers ran an ad covering the full two-page spread, thanking fans for their support in the Fan Awards. That’s impressive and of itself, but what’s even more impressive is that while they spend half of page 35 thanking fans for their support, they spend the other half congratulating the other winners—even in the (few) categories (Songwriter, at least) where they had a member up who did not win.

That’s classy.

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5 Letters to the Editor

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  1. I have a lot of respect for The Booth Brothers. They are nothing but class act 1. They are very humble and give all their praise and glory to God. Their ministry is wonderful in trying to reach out to those who don’t know Jesus.

  2. The Booth Brothers define class… I am really looking forward to some Jubilee Concerts next year with the Booth Brothers, Legacy Five & Greater Vision. I’ve already had a little glimpse just recently without Greater Vision. This is going to be GREAT!!!


  3. I totally agree. They really do define class. I loved their spread in Singing News. How wonderful it was for them to do that!

  4. I agree the Booth Brothers are a class act.

    And I happen to believe that at least a small measure of success has been shown to them because of their faithfulness to take the high road, to do their business with integrity, and to open up the Bible in their concerts and do what they believe God would have them do. Not taking away anything from any other group, but the Booths are an example of how doing the right thing is honored and rewarded.

  5. You know Daniel with hands down they are my favorite group! They are first class guys who are being blessed so much by the Lord! They are so dedicated to the Lord and they always meet their fans with open arms! They go to the churchs and smaller places and that also makes them so special!