The Talley Trio in Shelby, Ohio

While I started this blog off as a words-only site, in the last year or two I’ve come to realize that if picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures. So while I could give a song list—and may as well—I think the concert would be far better captured by a video clip of the biggest highlight, of a song that got a bigger response than any other song, despite the numerous career highlights featured.

First, the set list:

  • He’s So Good to Me (featuring Debra Talley)
  • The Promise (featuring Lauren Talley)
  • He’s a Personal Savior (acapella)
  • Intros
  • Jesus, What a Friend for Sinners
  • Amazing Grace (featuring Debra and Lauren)
  • Life Goes On (Lauren)
  • Broken Ones (Lauren)
  • That’s Enough (Lauren, with pre-recorded vocal by Jake Hess)
  • My Hope is In the Lord (Roger)
  • Mountain Mover (Lauren)
  • He’s Alive (Lauren)

During the intermission, Roger played an instrumental rendition of “He Keeps Me Singing” as the offertory. In the second half:

  • Searchin’ (Lauren)
  • The Healer (Debra, Lauren)
  • Orphans of God (Lauren)
  • If It Had Not Been (Debra)
  • His Life For Mine (Lauren)
  • Testify (Lauren)

Without doubt, the song that got the biggest response was “He’s Alive.” The camera doesn’t quite capture the spontaneous cheer when the chorus started, but it gives a little hint:

[Edit: This video has been pulled due to an audio quality issue.]

And a special bonus: Here’s a video I produced about the Talley’s sound man, Jim Whetsel, for their TalleyTree-o community site:

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