Crossroads posts NQC Vol. 9 track list

Crossroads has posted the track list to NQC Vol. 9 (the highlights CD/DVD from this year’s NQC) on their website:

  • O It Thrills Me     (Hoppers)
  • I Want To Know That You Know    (Greater Vision)
  • Cast Your Bread Upon The Water    (Gold City)
  • Mountain Mover    (Talley Trio)
  • God Saw A Cross     (Kingsmen)
  • Favorite Song Of All    (Ivan Parker)
  • Hold On        (Dove Brothers)
  • Ephesians 1        (Karen Peck & New River)
  • Trading This Old Cross For A Crown    (Booth Brothers)
  • Jesus Made A Believer Out of Me    (Kingdom Heirs)
  • God Will Make A Way    (Janet Paschal)
  • Jesus Will Pick You Up    (Brian Free and Assurance)
  • Bonus: Hold On (Greenes) from Phil Cross’ Song of a Lifetime
  • Bonus: Champion of Love by former Cathedrals members

While previous years’ releases included fifteen or more songs (plus bonus tracks), that list is now down to twelve songs. The most surprising omission was the Perrys’ “If You Knew Him.” Not as surprising (but just as disappointing) is the absence of the Gaither Vocal Band and Signature Sound. Their appearance would particularly help bookstore sales. Legacy Five also isn’t on the list, but that’s a little easier to explain, since Frank Seamans’ departure had been announced, and Gus Gaches will have started by the time the project comes out. Finally, the new Inspirations lineup doesn’t appear. It would have been nice to have the new lineup captured on film. (EDIT: I knew I was forgetting at least one I meant to list. A reader reminds me that the Male Quartet of the Year, Triumphant, isn’t featured, either.)

There seems to be an emphasis on including current radio singles in the song list. That’s not inherently a bad thing, but neither is it the best. It would almost certainly help sales if the most moving and memorable moments were selected—even if they were only selected from the same groups that would otherwise appear on that year’s project. A few examples: Heading that list would be “Save Me a Seat” from Brian Free & Assurance’s final set of the week; BFA bass Jeremy Lyle turned in an unforgettable performance as a tribute to his father, who had just been buried that morning. Also high on that list would be the original Couriers’ rendition of “Statue of Liberty” from Song of a Lifetime; when they were introduced, there seemed to be some audience apprehension as to whether they still had “it,” but that question was answered by the first chorus, when the audience was on its feet. One other worth mentioning would be the Kingdom Heirs’ performance of “He Locked the Gates” at their final set of the week; though it got a surprisingly lackadaisical response earlier in the week, it got the strong response it deserved later in the week.

Make no mistake, the right choices were certainly made on several songs, “God Saw a Cross” (Kingsmen) and “Cast Your Bread Upon the Water” (Gold City) being two of the best picks. But less focus on current radio singles and more focus on the most memorable moments would better capture the essence of the event.

A full film crew is only on hand for the second half of the week, so Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the days from which the highlights are selected. Suppose NQC gave each person who purchased a ticket for those days a ballot for their favorite moment on mainstage, which could be turned in at the end of the week. These ballots could then be used to select the highlights.

One final idea, that may be a few years ahead of its time. Footage from at least the last decade is presently collecting dust in someone’s archive. Since there is already a live edit available for the video and audio footage, it should be a fairly simple cut-and-paste job to split each song into separate tracks.

Suppose the power to decide which highlights are worth purchasing was given to the fans. Suppose Crossroads and NQC made individual videos of each song available for $1/song, $5/set, and $25-$35/night. Most of the contractual framework with the different labels is already in place. (It might just not be possible for the Gaither footage to appear, but even having everything else available would be incredible.) Bandwidth may be an issue if the idea takes off, but should be in place within the next few years.

What would make this even more incredible is if footage from past years is also released. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to purchase the complete final mainstage appearances of individuals like Vestal Goodman, George Younce, or Jake Hess, or of groups like the Cathedrals, Florida Boys, Happy Goodmans, or Poet Voices? Or to revisit the Kingsmen in their Jerry Martin days, Gold City in its Trammell days, or the Kingdom Heirs in their Sutton/Bennett days?

In the words of Bill Gaither . . . why not?

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  1. Great ideas! I’ll sign up to pre-purchase that kind of legendary footage.

  2. Doesn’t surprise me in the least that the GVB and EHSS are not on the collection. They probably can’t afford them.

  3. I am not sure I will buy the NQC #9 for the following reasons.
    Shocked that The Perry’s aren’t on there, nor Triumphant, Inspirations, Signature Sound nor Gaither Vocal Band.
    As much as I like Ivan and Janet why were they on there? They should have stuck to Quartets and Trio’s.
    The song sang by Talley Trio is an old one. The songs picked by the chosen groups could have had their #1 songs. Just very disappointed in a lot of the pics this year.

    • No disrespect toward Ivan and Janet, but I agree, NQC highlights should be groups, not soloists.

  4. The NQC “Highlights” videos just aren’t really highlights videos anymore. Sure, they have a few songs worth watching, but overall, they don’t nearly do justice to what NQC has to offer.

    And I couldn’t agree more, Daniel, make the old footage available! If NQC is truly conscious of the business aspect of the event, they could make a fortune if they released old footage. I would rush to buy a Gold City highlights dvd from the Jon Wilburn/Tim Riley years.

    That said, maybe the reason for them not doing it is problems with the groups. If they can’t get one song by Gaither on the dvd, it might be a problem with some of the groups to release classic material.

  5. I am with you Bev on this. I won’t buy it. How in the world can you NOT put The Perrys, Triumphant, Legacy 5 on this dvd, yet put 2 solo artists….. I am truly upset with this. I can understand GVB and EHSS not being on there, but, these 3 that I mentioned are SG and what NQC is all about.

  6. I agree w/ Bev and jbb. I especially agree w/ jbb’s last statement. Won’t buy the cd. L5 may have been left out due to the “bonus selection” of Champion of Love.

  7. Triumphant hasn’t been on a Highlights dvd yet. L5 is probably not on because of Frank Seamans, but there’s no good reason why the Perrys’ “If You Knew Him” isn’t on. I’m guessing it’s because Crossroads refuses to promote Daywind artists’ latest hit singles.

    • I wouldn’t say they refuse, since a fair number of Daywind hit singles appear every year.

      • Well they don’t this year. “Ephesians 1” is not KP&NR’s latest hit single – it is “Why Can’t All God’s Children Get Along.”

        Unless “Trading This Old Cross” is the BB’s latest single, there isn’t one of Daywind’s latest radio singles (currently going UP the chart) on this list.

  8. Daniel, I have a dumb question: How it is that a guy like yourself being so knowledgeable about everything is Southern Gospel, lives in Mansfield Ohio ? Shouldn’t you live in Nashville or somewhere like that ?

    • Well, four things:

      (1) My family’s here.
      (2) I happen to love snow and colder temperatures.
      (3) I hate big cities!
      (4) I don’t have a job in the music business (at least yet—working for a SG record label would probably be my #1 dream job). And if that took place, it might just over-rule #1-3. 🙂

      It is rather interesting to try to become knowledegable from a distance, but it’s doable.

      • I totally agree with your numbers 2 and 3. I also have an extreme dislike for big cities (I could NEVER live in one!) and I love snow and colder temps. I am finding that we are very much alike, the more I read about you!

  9. Wow ! Are you ever responsive to questions ! Thank you, you surely answered my question ! I will be reading your blog from now on. 😉

    • Thanks! I try to be responsive. 🙂

      I know that earlier on in Southern Gospel blogging, there were some bloggers who felt it was beneath them to take part in the comments.

      But I don’t feel that way. It’s not like I’m anyone special; I’m just an average guy who has a passion for the music, and to understand what goes on and to convey that in an understandable fashion. 🙂

      • I think that your participating in the comments, and the interactiveness of the place in general, is a big part of what makes this blog so inviting and worthwhile as a center for SG topics.

        I think maybe Clarke Beasley thinks so too.

      • Neat. What little knowledge I’ve been able to gather about how the industry works does no good unless I share it. 🙂


    Hope it was this rendition… Tim did an INCREDIBLE job… I’d buy it just to see Tim singing wuth Gold City again! 🙂

  11. Everything has been said and besides I agree with everything you said, Daniel. How about that, God Bless.

  12. Above all of the talk about the Perrys, Triumphant, or Legacy Five being left out.. What about the lack of the Collingsworth Family from the videos??? They had two of the 10 strongest performances on mainstage w/Fear Not Tomorrow and Holy, Holy, Holy. That’s where the main confusion comes in. Also, I’d be willing to pay a lot of $$ to see the Perrys performance of “I Wish I Could Have Been There” on Thursday night..

    • Yes, the Collingsworths definitely had two of the strongest performances (actually, three, since I count the violin duet) of the week; however, since it was their first time to appear on main stage, I didn’t expect that on their first time. But better late than never!

      • That violin duet would definitely work well with a highlight feature on the dvd. I still have no idea why they aren’t on there.

      • The only thing is, with the microphones being off for amplification purposes, I’m not sure they were on for recording purposes.


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