Site Updates

This site was in need of some early spring cleaning, so I made a few changes last night. First, I combined the About, Contact, and CD Review policies into one page.

This site’s photo gallery is now officially a part of our official Facebook Page, (which, as a public page, does not require an account or password to view the photos). For future reference, the link can now be found on the links page.

Finally, I have pruned and re-arranged the sidebar elements. For those of you that use either, do you use “Categories” or “Recent Comments” more frequently? I’ve experimented with making Recent Comments the more prominent of the two, but this would be pointless if “Categories” is used more frequently.

Also, does anyone use the “Archives” area (presently lower right-hand corner)? Since it keeps getting one line longer each month and taking up more of the screen, I am considering removing it.

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11 Letters to the Editor

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  1. Is there any way to make the Archives stop at, say, a year ago and then have a “more…” or “Older” hyperlink?

    I use the Categories probably a lot more than the Archives, but if I’m searching for a particular topic or blog, I usually just use the Search.

    I like the way the Recent Comments in the left sidebar show the post that the comments are in now.

  2. Why is the side bar font is so tiny? I can’t read it even with trifocals – and they are new glasses!.

    • That triggered when I had it sort by post.

      • Unintended consequences. Thanks for fixing it.

      • No problem!

        The plugin seems to be written by default to have it that tiny. Fortunately, I know enough CSS and PHP to re-write the underlying code. 🙂

  3. Mostly use the recent comments navigation, very rarely use categories navigation. Ditto bwarner’s question, my browser is showing practically 2 pt font for the actual comments listed, though the headings are legible.
    I like having the opportunity to read from the archives, but don’t think it’s necessary to have them all listed on the main page if you don’t want to.

  4. I use Recent Comments LOTS, Categories virtually never. Once in a while I do use the archives.

  5. I use the archives, but I can find another way to see older posts.

  6. I recently changed Archives and Categories to drop down menus on my blog. It takes up much less space.

    • Thanks, DBM! I’m putting that to good use now. 🙂

  7. Ditto #2…I check the recent comments but the font is too small now.