Aaron & Amanda Crabb to join John Hagee team

According to this post, Aaron & Amanda Crabb have accepted the position of Minister of Music for John Hagee. They will be leading worship at Hagee’s Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. (EDIT: 8/5/2011: Broken link removed)

Hagee’s occasional controversial statements aside—many public figures occasionally make controversial statements—this is a great platform for the Crabbs.

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  1. Do they live in Nashville also? If so, guess they will be moving to Tx. Blessings to them. They will be a great asset.

    • They will be moving to Texas.

    • It’s a 14.5 hour commute, I would think so. I’m sure they have to be there at least twice a week if not more.

  2. Wow! I imagine that will be a pretty good fit.

  3. I saw that. Gerald Crabb posted it in a status message on his Facebook page yesterday. Sounds like a good opportunity for them. I think they would fit in well there.

  4. According to this link, they are moving from TN to TX.

  5. I’m sorry I just can’t feel the same way. It was always The Crabb Family and my favorite, it’s probably a step up, for them and that is understandably a good move for them, but they will miss the singin, with the Gaithers sound of music. I know Jason does alot on his own, but I still think , with Him it’s Family first
    I did watch John Hagee for some time, but something happened and I went else where. Good Luck to them. I just hope it was the right move. God Be with Them, in their new endeavor.

    • I agree. I miss the sound of the original, complete Crabb Family. But since they’ve split, it seems like they have all strayed away somewhat from the more traditional SG, or Gaither music sound, like you speak of.

      • Have either of you heard their last album together as a family? It was titled, “Letting Go.” If you have, you’ll realize that Aaron and Amanda are actually more traditional in comparison.

      • Yes I have. However, in my opinion, the Aaron and Amanda that you see in concert nowadays is very different from the Aaron and Amanda sound of their CD. They’ve gotten much more worship and outreach oriented.

        And as for the Letting Go album of the Crabb Family, it is no surprise that they were getting more progressive in their sound compared to the original Crabb Family sound on earlier albums. That was their final project before they split up. Their current groupings, with the exception for me of the Bowlings, have all gotten a bit more progress.

  6. I liked the Crabbs early on with their sound and songs. However the last time they sang on the NQC main stage, they went into their “progressive”? style and did an “in your face” loud pounding style that had people heading for the exits. They knew they weren’t coming back so did what they wanted. At that point I lost interest in any of them. I believe that when the parents went their own ways, the family had to as well and they never were the same.

  7. Don’t know how the rest of you feel, but as far as Aaron and Amanda, they are as pure as gold! Thier heart beats to worship and bring honor to the Lord. Many people are gloriously saved in thier concerts unlike a lot of other southern gospel groups out there on the road. They are both anointed by God. I will truly miss them on the road but wish them the very best as they join Cornerstone church. I can only imagine how difficult it is living on a bus and raising your small children. Blessings to you Aaron and Amanda. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  8. Does Mike Trout still play the piano for the Hagee Ministries?