Singing Echoes launch concept website

The Singing Echoes is a group that has been on the road for forty years this year. Over the years, they have introduced quite a few songs that have become classics, including “Look For Me at Jesus’ Feet,” “His Tomb is Empty Now,” and “Shoutin’ Happy.”

The group, now in its third generation, is still on the road. To promote their current radio single, “I’m a Used to Be,” they have launched a concept website for their fans to share their used-to-be stories,

The site is a frame-based design, a fairly brief fad in web design that went out of style a few years ago. Minor design quibbles aside, it’s an interesting concept—not one that every single would lend itself towards, but a good idea for this one.

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  1. This is truly a great idea. I love to hear the story behind the song. It really takes the song to a new level. One thing I admire about the Singing Echoes is the enormous amount of talent that walks onto that stage every appearance. Not only do they sing, they play every instrument known to man – and did you catch in the website – they even write most of their own material? If a lot of groups were to have to make their own music rather than play it through a box…most of them would not have a stage to sing on! Way to Go Singing Echoes. Keep it up and we’ll keep supporting you!

  2. Thank you Daniel again for the mention of our concept website. We have recently done some redesigning. We are now accepting video testimonies on the site. Please check it out. We have seen over 15,000 views for the site since the end of December. My hope is that someone might have been drawn closer to Christ because of someone’s testimony.