Collingsworth Family launches Special Evening series

The Collingsworth Family is launching a concert series called A Special Evening with the Collingsworth Family tonight with a concert in Cincinnati that also features guest artist Larnelle Harris.

It’s an interesting concept. Other artists have promoted their own concert tours before (think Gaither), but for the concert kicking off this series, they are offering weekend packages with hotel accomodations, a meal at Cracker Barrel, and tickets to a nearby attraction (the Creation Museum, a subtle statement I wholeheartedly applaud them for making).

I had been hoping to make it and post a full report, but car troubles are forcing me to stay close to Mansfield right now. (At least my car should be fixed next weekend, so regular concert coverage can resume shortly.)

I know this site has at least a few readers in the Cincinnati area. If any of you can make it this evening, share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. You need tickets to get into Cracker Barrell now?

    • Good point. 😆

      • Well, I know the lines are rather long at times…wouldn’t surprise me if you could buy a ticket and go to the front of the line. :o)

      • Actually, when you made your original post, I had the same thought – that Cracker Barrell could make more money there. 🙂

        Oh, WordPress doesn’t like your trademark big-nose smiley. In fact, it gets shocked. 🙂

  2. The concert was fantastic, but then everything the Collingsworth do is always top notch.

  3. A Facebook friend of mine went and described the Collingsworths as “awesome” and Larnelle as “amazing”, so I reckon it was ok….

  4. It was a great night in Cincy…Larnelle was spectacular…the crowd loved him and stood to their feet several times!

  5. I would Like to see them, at least once and i would imagine their show was great, but constantly,(my opinion) it won’t last too long.
    Sorry but my original comment went off before it was ready.Again, don’t get me wrong, they are great, but they are on someone elses coat tails. I hope people will realize that, sooner or later.

    • Actually, that someone else encouraged them to launch this idea . . . that someone else sees a potential in them to carry the banner long after he himself has to be off the road.

    • I can understand your comment. But personally, I do not really feel they are riding on that “someone else’s” coat tails. I think they established themselves very well apart from the aforementioned individual. I also think they work hard to keep up their own group identity separate from that individual and his group of artists. I think that is part of what makes them so appealing, myself. They are very true to themselves, personally and professionally.

      • I could not agree more. Great comment!

        (And keep in mind: There are other sites that permit negative observations. This is not one of them. I did let the comment stay, but it was a close call.)

  6. Nobody thinks the same as someone else. If everyone has to agree, what is the sense, in making a comment. The idea, in making a comment is to get different views. I expected mine to be deleted, but nothing negative was said about the Family. I think they are great. If you would look on my facebook pages you would see that. I’m sorry Daniel, but every thing can’y be completely positive. This is what makes , this Blog interesting.

    • We don’t have to agree. It’s just that this particular site has some standards for how disagreements are to be expressed.

      I’m glad you think they’re great! 🙂

      But, in general, saying someone is riding on someone else’s coat-tails is not generally considered a positive statement.