Southern Gospel in the news

The Grand Rapids Daily Press has an interesting article on Guy Penrod’s solo album. Also, this Marysville Daily Times article on Fred Eaglesmith has an odd reference to Southern Gospel:

Fredheads concerned with Eaglesmith’s departures from the norm, however, should probably prepare themselves for his next album. Currently in the production stage, Eaglesmith said it veers away from his traditional Americana sound perhaps more sharply than ever.

“It’s more based on the Southern gospel culture, going all the way down to the snake churches,” he said. “I was raised in a real sort-of cultish religion, and it’s coming out. I’m into that, the black gospel stuff, right now, and it sure is fun.

“It feels like the right thing to be into for me. Every album these days seems to be an Americana album — everybody is playing our music now, and the more people who play it, the more it gets watered down.”

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