Videos of the Day: PGMA Concert

Ellen Gerig, West Coast videographer extraordinaire, has posted quite a few videos from last Friday’s Pacific Gospel Music Association concert. A list of all the videos is here.

Of particular note, former Blackwood Brothers bass Ken Turner did a solo set, from which this was a highlight:

He also rattled the subwoofers in a scrap-iron quartet:

Frequent Franklin Graham song leader Dennas Agajanian also did a solo set, with some guitar picking that rivals the speed of a Southern Gospel piano solo:

And finally, Liberty Quartet was a (/the?) featured artist. They featured their baritone, Jordan Cragun (Kim Collingsworth’s nephew), on “Light at the End of Darkness”:

And if you thought the Hoppers were the only ones who could hit a home run with “Yes, I Am,” wait till you see a male quartet take it on.

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  1. Ole Ken Turner still’s got it!

  2. Seeing this video of Ken Turner takes me back over 30 years ago. John McDuff was in revival in Pensacola (I had driven over from Mobile). Since I had become friends with Bro. McDuff due to some other revivals I had attended, I spent some time with Bro. John one night after service. Ken Turner also was visiting and wanted to talk to John after the service. Ken was singing with another quartet at the time that I don’t remember the name. The thing he talked to talk to John about was that he had just been invited to join the Blackwood Brothers Quartet. Ken was asking John to pray for him that he followed God’s will. I was so impressed by that and followed Ken’s career from that time on but lost track of him after he left the Blackwoods. It’s good to see and hear that he can still sing great.

    • Great “story,” John!

    • He was probably with the Dixie Echoes.