Parker Jonathan back on the road

Former Kingsmen baritone Parker Jonathan was off the road for several years after leaving the Kingsmen. For the past few years, he’s probably been one of the top 20 featured in various “Where Are They Now?” columns.

A friend (hat tip, RY) let me know that he has now started a trio called The Jonathans with his wife and a third singer [EDIT: tenor singer Eric Dunson – hat tip, DB]. They are opening for the Mark Trammell Trio and the Perrys tonight in Bowdon, Georgia.

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  1. Oh , how i wish i could be there! i love Parker.

  2. This is the first SG news in quite a while that has made me say, “Oh my word!” Wow. I wish him the best. Good to hear this news!

  3. Great News!

  4. Parker and Paula sound wonderful together. I forget the other singer’s name but they have a very nice blend. Paula is a fantastic vocalist and of course Parker is one of the best baritones out there. I had the priviledge of visiting in the Jonathans home a few months back and heard a recording and was very impressed.

    • the other singer’s name, jus lettin you know,is eric dunson and he is my uncle

  5. I am glad to find out this news! I enjoyed Parker in his Kingsmen days and have wondered many times since then if he would ever appear again on the SG scene. I hope things go well for the new group and that perhaps I will even have a chance to hear them sometime!

  6. We’re very happy to see that Parker is back on the road; we have missed seeing him and hearing him sing. We wish him every success with his trio and look
    forward to hearing him again!

  7. Delighted to hear that Parker Jonathan has returned to Gospel Music, and hope to be in an area where they sing in the near future. I always enjoyed him with the Kingsmen and was sorry when he left. Good luck to him, his wife, and the new Trio. Let us hear more from you, Parker.

  8. ey i am a friend of parkers from waqy back in the royal city days ….. parker if yu read this call me [edit] ….

  9. One of the most missed singers in SGM history!! Great news

  10. Parker is the best baritone out there right now. I am pleased to say right now because it has been too long. Parker give me a call or drop me an e-mail. In case you forgot, this is the ol boy who gave ya many rides down the road in my pick up truck as we talked life and music.

  11. Parker is an awesome baritone. I always enjoyed hearing him so much during his days with the Kingsmen. The newest addition to their trio is a friend and fellow classmate from Bible college, Eric Dunson. Eric and I graduated last year from Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville. I’m so thankful that God is using his talent and abilities to glorify Him. Looking forward to hearing The Jonathans when they come to Jacksonville on February 27th.

    • hey katie i just found outu and eric were friends hope i get to meet you some day

  12. hey for everybody im eric dunson’s nephew bradley. ijust want to wish him and parker and paula good luck and i love them

    • do you have email for parker?

  13. pakrer is a great baritone singer and paula is great but eric is a really great tenor and at his age he will go very far i love you uncle eric

  14. best news in years . cant wate to see his treio.

  15. Discussing last week how much we would like to see and hear you again. Took a chance and Googled your name and found this site. So glad to hear you are back on the road. Sure hope you come to South Mississippi.

  16. looking for parkers email, larry mcgill

  17. hey everybody. our website is in the process of being finished and we are hoping to launch it in the next couple weeks. we do have a group on Facebook if you want to find us and join. we will be announcing on our Facebook page when our website is launched for the public to view. hope everyone has a great day and we hope to see you down the road sometime soon.
    -Eric Dunson

  18. the new website is up. check it out at

  19. Jonathan, it was so good to hear you on gospel greats this week-end, which is the first time we found out you were singing. We loved every song and the sound of your group is awesome. We use to go to see the Kingsmen all the time when you sang with them and we’ve met you many times with the Hall Family in Soperton,Georgia. We are looking forward to seeing you and your new group in person. By the way you sound just as good as you did when you were with the Kingsmen. Paula, you have a beautiful voice and we really enjoyed your voice. Eric, you have a good tenor voice also. May God bless you as you travel around the country. In Christian Love, Mary & Marvin McIntyre,Vidalia, Ga

  20. I want to add my GREAT NEWS to everyone elses about PJ. I always liked him and missed him.

  21. i just wanted to know how much the cds are

  22. Would like to know how to get his musis

    • I am tyring to get some information on how to get the music by Parker Jonathan this is the second time I have emailed you


      • This is a news website, not a music store. We don’t sell music. We also don’t know where his music can be found. Sorry!

  23. I googled Parker Jonathan & found he was singing again. He is such a good baritone.