CD Review: “Shout it Out” (Dove Brothers Quartet)

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Song list: Joshua; Those Tender Hands; Go the Distance; Run On; Look For Me at Jesus’ Feet; Clouds Roll Back; He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away; Shout it Out; Thanks to Calvary; Stand By Me; Lonesome Road.

The CD starts off with “Joshua,” an uptempo song featuring McCray Dove.

Baritone Eric Dove has often been compared to Statesmen baritone Doy Ott. Ott fans will enjoy Dove’s rendition of “Those Tender Hands,” a song that Ott recorded on a 1964 Statesmen album entitled Hovie Lister Spotlights Doy Ott.

Run On is a song that sounds like it was recorded for live performace. While the soundtrack and tune would normally get an audience tapping their feet or clapping along, the lyrics address adultery head-on, and the incongrous combination is probably more likely to leave audiences scratching their heads than calling for an encore.

Eric Dove has stated that his all-time favorite song is “Thanks to Calvary.” David Hester turns in a superb performance on this song. Too many of today’s bass singers are merely low-note specialists, unlike the bass singers of yesterday, who could sing low but focused on carrying a fine melody. David Hester is probably the lowest low-note specialist in a top Southern Gospel quartet, but he performs this entire song in a baritone range with a pleasant timbre, and proves himself to be as much a “complete package” bass singer as the greats of yesteryear.

Message boards and blogs have made much of the Dove Brothers’ Saturday Night NQC performance of the next song on the CD, “Stand By Me” (another Hester feature). McCray Dove referred to Signature Sound as being the hottest act in Southern Gospel right now, and referred to the fact that for the past several months, Signature Sound has been performing “Get Away Jordan,” a song that the Dove Brothers brought back to Southern Gospel several years ago. He then asked the audience if they wanted to hear the Dove Brothers’ rendition of a song that Signature Sound brought back, “Stand By Me.” One thing that it seems nobody has observed is that while Signature Sound has been singing “Get Away Jordan” for a few months, the Dove Brothers actually released their recorded version of a Signature Sound song several months before Signature Sound’s take on their hit song is set to release.

The CD closes with what is probably David Hester’s most requested song, “Lonesome Road.” Ever since fans discovered that Hester could hit the lowest C on the keyboard, and do a fairly good imitation of J.D. Sumner in the process, this song has been regularly requested at Dove Brothers concerts.

David Hester has a surprising number of solos on this project. He is featured on “Stand By Me,” “Thanks to Calvary,” “Lonesome Road,” “Go the Distance,” and “Shout it Out.” Perhaps Hester will have few solos on the Dove Brothers’ upcoming Sonlite release of new songs, and so the quartet made up for it by giving him extra features on this project. Projects featuring new songs often do not have as many bass features as projects of classic songs, so this is a distinct possibility.
This enjoyable project showcases the fresh, energetic arrangements of classic songs that first brought the Dove Brothers to the forefront of Southern Gospel.

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