Could They Make It? Entry 5: Daves Highway

Here are two videos from a group called Daves Highway. The first is an acapella medley, the second a Martins’ song.

Could they make it in Southern Gospel?

My answer is an unequivocal yes. Yours?

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  1. 🙂 Yes… they could. I think they have inverted some parts to fit the guys voice. Something sounds a little… different. Great sound. I hope they keep singing together. As they mature, and voices finish changing, it will be interesting to see where they land.

    By the way, how old are they?

  2. Yes, I think we have small Joyce, Judy, and Jonathan ( The Martins ) coming up again! Best Wishes to them. we sure need young people like them, don’t we ! 🙂

  3. I think they are absolutely marvelous. It s so wonderful to see the young ones coming, to show us what they can do and believe me, they have everything. Yes there will be some changes, in their voices, but lets hope there will be no difference. They have everything going for them now. We know the young man’s voice will probably change, but I believe, if anything, it will only make them better, if that’s even possible. I’m like Andrew, How old are they? Just curiosity, as it really doesn’t matter. There is no doubt, they have a wonder full career ahead, of them. May GOD BLESS them and show them the right way to go.

    • They’re 4, 13, and 12.

      • FYI thats 14, not 4…

      • Yes.

  4. Bravo. Hope we see them in the Singing News someday!

  5. Yes,yes and yes they are loveable and talented…Joe Sahadi

  6. Yes, they could definitely be a SGM Trio of the future. I was not only impressed with their singing and blending, but for as young as they are, they have good stage presence. Once the young boy’s voice changes, and I am sure the girls’ voices will mature, they are going to be AWESOME. Hope they stick with it, as they should have a great future.

  7. I think I have to agree with Sandy (#7) on this one. What surprised me the most when I first saw them was their stage presence. They are FAAAR past the “deer in headlights” stage of their singing career.

  8. Almost a year later, I’ve continued to follow these kids. Even though they’ve been doing mostly CCM songs (which I know some people don’t follow), their voices are maturing beautifully. Heres their rendition of the National Anthem. (I believe it was from last March.)

    • I’ve been following them, too, and they are indeed improving. They are incredible.