Sony’s Thoughts: Reflecting on 2009

In looking back over 2009, this has been a year of ups and downs, good times and bad but, overall, it has been a year of trial and testing. Not the kind of year I ever long for and yet I have learned so much. It is easy to tell people to hang in there, that our joy is not affected by our trials, that God’s grace is sufficient for anything we have to go through but it’s as we go through those trials ourselves, that we have a greater testimony because our words are no longer theory but experience. We can quote Scripture not because we’ve been told it’s true but because we have found it to be true in our own lives.

I am also learning what it means to hold to God’s unchanging hand. Even when everyone else seems to not care about God or His ways, I cannot live one day without Him, nor do I desire to. I am not responsible for what others do but I am responsible for my actions and I recognize the need for those actions to be exemplary.

As the year ends, I thank God for bringing me through another year. I thank Him for staying close to me when all I could do was cry. I thank Him for wiping away those tears and restoring my joy and my strength and determination to move forward with Him. I thank Him for the work He is continuing to do in this worthless vessel. He is truly the best Friend one could ever have and, if you don’t know Him, I pray that you will find Him before this year ends. Life won’t always be easy but, when you surrender to God, He will bring you through and you will be able to smile again. I know from experience.

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  1. Spoken like a seasoned believer. Wholesome perspective. You have your feet firmly planted in your commitment to go-the-distance with God. We know we are winners before the game is over. Thanks for the practical inspiration and encouragement.

    I’m snowed in and can’t get church here in PA, but you came through with a mini sermon. Thanks. Where do I send my offering? 🙂

    • Your words of encouragement can be your offering today. 🙂 Thank you! It has been a hard year but God knows who to send when I need them and, today, He sent you. I hope you are feeling encouraged and that you have a very blessed Christmas. As Christians, we truly have a Reason to celebrate!

  2. I can’i even make a comment, that would even come close to the wonderful things that were said. If I didn’t know better I would think someone was writing about me. It has been a rough road and without the Lord I wouldn’t even be here today. This was written so elaquently said I can just say AMEN

    • Thank you, Beverly. I really appreciate all your encouraging comments this year. I pray you have a very blessed 2010.

  3. Sony, I can relate to so many things that you have said, but could not reiterate it in any better form. Each person’s journey is different, but there are enough ways in which the journey is also “shared” that the blessings of being a believer are magnified–in being encouraged and reminded of God’s faithfulness by other caring believers, and simply by God Himself. I like your opening statement for paragraph 2–we are truly building our hope on things eternal when hold to that unchanging hand. May you be eager to continue holding on to that hand in the coming year! I look forward to your weekly “encouragements” in 2010.