I missed a day…

Yes, I missed a day. That almost never happens. I think it’s the second time in eight months that I forgot to do my daily post. (Of course, that had its good side effects, because the last story stayed up long enough to catch the attention of a certain commenter who I was thrilled to see stop by.)

A word of explanation: As many of you know, I am a songwriter. I haven’t had anything recorded by any groups yet, but that day may be drawing a little nearer. Anyhow, I had an idea for a patriotic song that I spent all of yesterday afternoon working on, and became so absorbed in it that I forgot about the blog!

Sorry, folks!

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  1. This happens to most I believe. I think it’s called living. Things sometimes get to move a little fast and the day is gone before you realized. Thanks for what you do. Jimmy

  2. And what an idea Daniel!!!

    …and Jimmy P…you are a long way from HOME boy!