Redesign Launched

Several years ago, well before this site was launched, I noticed that the Cathedrals’ official website ( at the time, since taken down) had little to no information on the history of the Cathedral Quartet. So I launched to fill the gap.

It’s not a site I update often, but for the last four or five years, I have posted updates and changes every couple of months.

Of late, I’d been thinking that it was time for an upgrade from basic table-based HTML to something more dynamic. So (for the two or three fellow geeks out there who care), over the last few weeks, I have been moving the site to the Drupal content management system. I have now finished the move and the site is again ready for public inspection. Check it out!

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  1. Looks great. Last time I visited I thought about how it could use a little modern sprucing. Thanks for the site…I’ve used it as a resource numerous times. That site has the number 1 and 2 results for a google search of “cathedral quartet” and the #3 result for a search for “cathedrals”.

    • It sure did! It looked very 1999. 😕

  2. I noticed the redesign the other day. It’s my resource on a lot of discography related stuff.

  3. Hey, do you still have the discographies for “heritage” groups? Did you take it down because you thought nobody was interested? (or am I just missing it?) I actually have found GV’s a valuable resource.

    • I did take it down, because I don’t have the time to keep it up to date and because’s (to which I contributed that information) is more complete and up-to-date.

      • Well, OK. I guess I can handle that! The Cathedrals site is a great one that I come back to every so often.

      • OK, great! Basically, I put all the data I had into the SGHistory project, to get it rolling. Others have taken it from there and really expanded that data. So it’s just easier to refer people there.

  4. I really enjoy this site. It’s one of my favorites!

  5. Daniel,

    Do you know what is different about your site, Positive
    Daily Commentary On Southern Gospel ? ” Positive “.
    I appreciate that !

    • As do I!

  6. I, too, noticed it the other day, as I reference it every so often. Looks great! Good job as always, Daniel!

  7. You’re doing a really good job over there.