DVD Review: NQC Live Vol. 9

nqcMuch—perhaps too much—has already been said here and elsewhere about what’s not on this year’s NQC Live. That topic has been exhausted, so let’s talk about what is there.

Twelve songs from leading Southern Gospel artists are featured on the CD/DVD combo; two bonus tracks also appear on the DVD. Not counting the extras, six Crossroads artists, four Daywind artists, one New Haven artist, and one presently independent artist (Hoppers) appear. Throw in the bonus features and there are three independent artists (Hoppers, Greenes, Danny Funderburk) and six Daywind artists.

Enough ink has been spilled (or is that pixels wasted?) over the obvious picks that didn’t make it. I’ve made up my mind to just accept the fact (as Chris White explained here) that labels are prone to veto the inclusion of hits as big as “If You Knew Him” (Perrys) and “He Locked the Gates” (Kingdom Heirs). But several obvious highlights did make it, most notably the Kingsmen’s “God Saw a Cross” and Gold City’s “Cast Your Bread Upon the Water,” and, from the bonus features, “Champion of Love” (former Cathedral Quartet members).

The cinematography is excellent; the lighting, choice of angles, camera angles, and editing are well done. Unfortunately, it’s still standard definition, but, after all, we’re dealing with footage captured from an event with ten or so cameras for six hours a night (not even counting showcases!)

With several fewer artists than in past years, several favorite artists who have appeared in the past didn’t make the cut this time. Since my personal favorite was one of them, I can sympathize with those who have expressed some disappointment. But what is there is enough to make a top-notch live concert video. It’s just that Southern Gospel has more talent than can fit on one video.

Rating: 4 stars. ♦ Average song rating: 3.6 stars. ♦ Produced by: Chris White. ♦ Available from: Label. Review copy provided. ♦ Song list: O It Thrills Me (Hoppers); I Want to Know That You Know (Greater Vision); Cast Your Bread Upon the Water (Gold City); Mountain Mover (Talley Trio); God Saw a Cross (Kingsmen); Favorite Song of All (Ivan Parker); Hold On (Dove Brothers); Ephesians Chapter One (Karen Peck & New River); Trading a Cross For a Crown (Booth Brothers); Jesus Made a Believer Out of Me (Kingdom Heirs); God Will Make a Cross (Janet Paschal); Jesus Will Pick You Up (Brian Free & Assurance). ♦ DVD-only bonus songs: Hold On (Greenes), Champion of Love (Greater Vision / Legacy Five / Mark Trammell Trio / Danny Funderburk).

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  1. The Hoppers are no longer on the Canaan record label?

    • For most intents and purposes, Canaan has gone under. I understand Word may reissue some old stuff and put Canaan on the CD label, but nothing new.

  2. Yea, i like this year’s DVD, it has some real good picks on it. I just don’t like that cheap packaging this year, but oh well, that’s the wave of the future.

  3. The Hoppers should try to get with Daywind or New Haven.

  4. We may have gotten an explanation, but, I still don’t like it.