Gerald Wolfe to host Pianorama

Dinana on the Singing News forums is reporting that Gerald Wolfe is going to take over hosting duties at this year’s pianorama. Beyond doubt, he’s a good pick as an emcee; the only surprising part is that he’s not particularly known for his piano skills right now, being primarily a vocalist, and I’m not sure if he’s even taken part in past pianoramas.

That said, there aren’t too many group leaders / emcees who are also Pianorama-quality pianists, and thus Wolfe makes a logical pick.

To say the least, this will be interesting to watch!

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  1. Gerald was also a very good friend of Roger’s…making him a logical choice.

  2. He has taken part in past Pianoramas, back in the days when Anthony Burger hosted. It is an excellent choice as he is probably the best emcee in Southern Gospel with the death of Roger Bennett and the retirement of Jim Hammel.

  3. Wolfe will do well in this role. The best part about this is that it virtually guarantees Stan Whitmire will be part of the showcase…at least, I hope so.