Saturday News Roundup #42

With it being a Thanksgiving Weekend, there’s been little in the way of news. But two random things I can’t pass by mentioning:

  • A Facebook exclusive: “Clayton Inman has joined the group Casting Crowns.” Indeed. (Gotta love Facebook!)
  • Perrys pianist Bryan Elliot is busy putting together a Funeral Tribute to their lead singer, Joseph Habedank. Nothing like being ready in advance: [UPDATE, 3/18/2013: Broken link removed.]

Upcoming Reviews:

  • November 30: Just Stand (Legacy Five)
  • December 7: NQC Vol. 9
  • December 14: Home For Christmas (Mark Trammell Trio)
  • December 21: Peace On Earth (Mark Trammell)
  • December 28: I’d Rather Have Jesus (Dixie Echoes)
  • January 4: Grand Finale: The Ultimate Concert Experience (Crabb Family)
  • January 10: Then and Now (Olivia Collingsworth)
  • January 18: Decennial (Dove Brothers Quartet)

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  1. Clayton Inman joined Casting Crowns???? That’s bizarre. I’m not sure I’m buying it. I don’t see the fit. Details please!

    • No – he joined the Facebook fan group for Casting Crowns, and that’s how Facebook displayed it. 🙂

  2. THANK YOU! LOL. That makes much more sense. Now I get it.


  3. ^haha. Nice.