Tenor Quartets

Melody Boys Quartet lead singer Alan Kendall recently posted this video of a tenor quartet at the Grand Old Gospel Reunion:

Jerry Martin (Dove Brothers) sang tenor, Tim Williams (Melody Boys) sang lead, Mike Young (Southern Sound) sang baritone, Eddie Broome (Florida Boys) sang bass, and Wesley Smith (Dixie Echoes) played the piano.

If you were to put together a tenor quartet of tenors currently on the road, who would you pick?

If I was going for tight harmonies, I’d go with

  • Tenor: Eric Phillips, if I could bend my own rule and go with a tenor recently on the road. If not, Jerry Martin.
  • Lead: Jacob Kitson. Check out the “Statement of Faith” song if you’re wondering why.
  • Baritone: John Rulapaugh. A great blender who is every inch a tenor, whether singing high or low.
  • Bass: Jeremy Peace. Here’s why.

For a power tenor quartet, I’d go with David Phelps, Dan Keeton, Dallas Rogers, and Larry Ford.

How about you?

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  1. Would totally agree with Jeremy Peace on the Bass. I’ve seen him sing bass and he does a great job doing it.

    • And I was gonna also say but forgot that Branndon isn’t bad on tenor either

  2. I would recommend the bass of Brian Free…sounds just like Ray Reese.

  3. My power tenor quartet would be David Phelps (tenor), Ernie Haase (Lead), Wes Hampton (Baritone), and Jeremy Peace… That quartet could do some amazing arrangements!

  4. How about a quartet of basses?

    Brad Smith: Tenor
    Eric Bennett: Lead
    Bill Gaither: Baritone
    Tim Riley: Bass
    Dean Haskins: Piano

  5. I thought this one was obvious…..the GVB!!! David, Michael, Wes (bill is more tenor than bass!) are close to that as you will ever get.

    • lol!!!!!! Leave Bill alone. He holds his ear with the best of them.

      • Actually I think Bill does a great job for the needs of the group. the Aacapella cd they did was great. He sang some difficult stuff on that. But the GVB is an example of a group with an abundance of tenors.

      • Especially now!

      • I have been told that a certain tall and popular bass singer, who shall remain nameless, used to sing the low notes on the GVB recordings. ???

      • Andrew,

        I cant say that bill sings everything on his recordings. I am not there when he records them. It would not shock me at all to find he gets a little help. However….it is plain and obvious that he does sing alot of the bass and you can really tell on the acapella cd.

      • Hopper concerts too.

      • This is nothing more than a rumor. All I can say is that on the CD’s I listen to, I can tell it’s still Bill’s voice on the low notes. Maybe he records them first thing in the morning after waking up, or has a nap before recordings, which would explain why in concerts he seems to have a harder time reaching those really low notes.

      • Mark – yeah, a lot of the notes are way less “bassy” than it would be if he was doing any more than very light overdubs.

  6. Tenor – Jay Parrack
    Lead – David Phelps
    Baritone – Wes Hampton
    Bass – Brian Free


  7. Are you guys mentioning Brian free serious? 8|