Billy Blackwood joins Blackwood Brothers

After more than five years without a personnel change, Blackwood Brothers’ pianist / baritone Brad White has decided to leave the group. He will be devoting more time to his solo ministry. The group’s press release states: “We would like to thank Brad White for his years of service with the group and pray God’s blessing on his solo ministry.”

At least for the immediate future, it appears as though the Blackwood Brothers will be without a live pianist.

Stepping into the baritone role is Jimmy Blackwood’s younger brother, Billy Blackwood. Billy played drums for the group in the 1970s and has pursued a solo ministry since.

Except for a brief period when Jimmy and Mark Blackwood sang together five or six years ago, this is the first time two Blackwoods have been singing in the group in over two decades, since Jimmy and Cecil were both in the group. But that’s not what makes this move historic: It’s the first time in fifty-nine years that two blood brothers have sung one of the four parts in the quartet.

After nearly six decades, the Blackwood Brothers are literally brothers once again.

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  1. Daniel…that’s the kind of music news I like. I am a huge fan of the Blackwood Bros…past and present. I think the Blackwood Bros. will once again, in the future, become a driving force in SG Music…bringing it back to a style people love, remember, and want once again.

    • I couldn’t agree more, and I sure hope you’re right!

  2. Your statement about this being only the second time two Blackwoods have been in the group during the past two decades isn’t accurate.

    While Cecil Blackwood was still living, Mark and Chris were members at various times. I don’t know the exact years, but I know Chris was in the group in the late 1990s.

    According to John Crenshaw’s article at the GOGR website, Donna Blackwood and Francine Blackwood also sang with the group when Cecil was manager. Again, I don’t know an exact date…could have been any time between 1980 and 2000, but if it was after 1989, that would fall in the last two decades.

    You are correct that two blood brothers haven’t been in the group at the same time for many, many years. It hasn’t been 59 years, though. Jimmy and Billy were both members of the group during the 1970s.

    • Mark and Chris would be a combination I wasn’t thinking of.

      Now notice what I actually said was: “It’s the first time in fifty-nine years that two blood brothers have sung one of the four parts in the quartet.” I understand Billy was part of the band (drums), not the lead, baritone, tenor, or bass.

      • More likely, the combination was Cecil and Mark, and then Cecil and Chris.

        I think you’re right though, on the point that Billy was never one of the four primary singers previously.

      • OK. 🙂

  3. Billy will be a huge compliment and contributor to the group. He’s a class guy. His coming on board with his big brother Jimmy even more solidifies the name, Blackwood BROTHERS. And Brad White will do well wherever the Lord leads him.

    • Brad is listed on Ron Blackwood & Blackwood Qt. website in playing the piano last night in a concert with Willie Nelson (12/16).

      • Can you supply a link? I could not find this on their site.

  4. It will be exciting to see Jimmy & Billy together again. I was 5 or so when Billy played drums. It is amazing how it all comes together and I can still give my young son the same combination that I grew up with. What an Awesome God we serve and how He leads in many ways.

  5. Chris is Mark’s son…not his brother.

  6. Anyone know where I can get a complete discography of the Blackwood Brothers?


    Under calendar events
    Click on Dec 16 Willie Place

    **Ron Blackwood and the Blackwood Quartet with John Rulapaugh, Josh Garner, Chris West, and Brad White on piano are performing at Willie Nelson’s theater just off of I-35, South of Dallas. **

  8. Thank you for the beautiful concert in Rochester, MN. It was truly a blessing from God’s hand to His people.
    I will commit to praying for you everyday. Isn’t it a blessing to be in God’s work !

  9. i want to say I am so sorry for all the emails and lwordy at that. I just appreciate all of you but I will not send anymore. His, Susan

    • Feel free to leave comments any time!


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