Ragan on new Inspirations DVD

I recently caught up with Inspirations lead singer Dave Ragan. I did a full interview with him a few months ago (here), so this time, I just asked him how the Inspirations’ DVD taping last weekend went. Here is his reply:

We did do the taping, and it went great!

You’re always concerned when it comes time to do any recording that everyone is healthy and in good vocal shape. God answered prayer by allowing each of us to be at our best.

This was my first taping experience, so starting out I was a little nervous, but it went very smoothly and the folks at Daystar were nothing but friendly and professional. We were able to preview a little of the footage, and it looks wonderful! Now we have to do some editing and a few minor corrections, but overall we feel that this is going to be a great DVD.

To answer your question, we will be making a live CD of the concert, but we have to exclude the songs we recorded from our latest CD. We sang The Son Came Down and Dealing with Gold, and it’s fine to put those on a DVD, but we can’t reproduce on a CD songs we have done with Crossroads this year…twould be a violation of our contract with them. But we recorded several songs on the second round Thursday night that we can insert in their place that would fit just as well, so we’re still confident that everything will be fine.

At this point, we don’t know exactly how many songs will be on the video, but it will be somewhere between 18 and 24, probably. It could be more, and it could be less, but I would say most likely no less than 18 songs. One of the most important things about this video will be the making available of several songs on a recording that we currently have on nothing. Jesus is Coming Soon, On the Sunny Banks, and Beulah Land will be on it, along with Wedding Invitation, The Night Before Easter, I’m Not Ashamed, Winner either Way, If you Only Knew, I have Not Forgotten, How Great it Is, The Rose, Glory to God in the Highest, I’ll Have a New Life, and an old song that has been requested a lot lately, Look What I’m Trading for a Mansion. There may be some other songs I’m forgetting, but you get the idea!

We’re all excited about this project, and we’re confident that it will be a blessing and encouragement to many people for years to come! Right now we’re considering recording a hymns project in the Spring, so be watching!

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  1. I can’t say I’ve ever been a real big fan of the Inspirations. However, I’ve recently watched clips since Dallas and Ragan have joined…I’m impressed enough to go get the CD they released this year.

  2. Oh, i’ve been a big Inspirations fan for years. I have many of their projects, and i intend to buy the new DVD when its released.