Treasures: Diplomats’ version of “It is Well”

I just listened to the Diplomats’ Hymns Vol. 1 CD. Easily the highlight of this CD was a magnificent rendition of “It is Well.”

Pat Barker was their bass at the time; does anyone know if he had the solo? It doesn’t sound like Jimmy or Corey Pearson.

If it’s him, the rendition is a pretty incredible feat for a bass singer. The song is keyed in B-flat, one key below the hymnal standard of C. The singer has a bass-like richness in his voice, even up to the middle C, and doesn’t rely on a single low note to carry the song. Yet I think it may well be a bass solo.

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  1. That indeed is Pat featured on that song. There are some basses out there that can go lower than he can, but I don’t know of any that can out-sing him. On top of that he genuinely knows who he’s singing about.

    • Just incredible.

      Thanks for answering!

  2. Yes… in one of your blogs, I mentioned this. The first time I saw Pat Barker sing, the Diplomats opened the concert with It Is Well. He did all of the solo. It was incredible. I’m surprised that they haven’t done it with the Echoes yet.

    • I’m sure it would have been!

  3. “It Is Well” is my favorite hymn. God has used that song to answer my prayers for years. It is interesting how the song came about. What a tragedy to have happen to a man and yet he could write such inspiring, encouraging words. I did a narration one Sunday before our choir sang the song. Many in our church had no idea of the story behind the song.

    How might I get a copy of this version you reference in this blog?. I have a collection of different artists singing this song. I would love to add this one to it.

    Thanks much, Linda


  1. Pat Barker joins Mark Trammell Quartet | - [...] singer. The bass richness into his tones carries fully into a high baritone. As discussed here, when he recorded…