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  1. Should be very interesting. I look for the Collingsworth family to be prominent in there, as well as The Hopper’s new CD, The Issacs. And Earnie Haas and Signature Sound w/their Cathedral CD will certainly win some awards. Devin’s a wonderful addition to that group. I also look for the Gaither Vocal Band to be more prominent. They had a setback w/Michael English’s surgery, but thanks to Marshall Hall and God Michael’s still with us with that incredible voice. I’d like to see some of the solo artists step up to the plate more. Jason Crabb is there, but as for the rest, we’ll have to wait and see. And the old stand bys: The Bishops, the Dove Brothers, the McKamey’s, Legacy 5, etc. But I will miss those groups that have “retired” like the Florida Boys. They will be missed! I’d also like to see a true definition of a gospel quartet. It’s not just a group of 4 harmonious voices and a piano player anymore.

    Hope everyone has a pleasant, happy, healthy, and safe holiday! And Best Wishes for 2010. (My prayer for 2010 is a real good Christian revival!)