Why Bill Gaither wants the Perrys on his stage

The Perrys aren’t a regular Gaither Homecoming Tour act, but Gaither has been inviting them to selected concerts and to a recent Homecoming video taping.


Does he like their Happy Goodmans-style sound?

Nope. To all who like bashing Joe Habedank, check out this post, and especially this quote:

A lot of folks thought the Goodman sound was the reason Bill Gaither wanted the Perrys on his stage but ‘I Wish I Coulda Been There’ was the song he had them open with and encore. It turns out that after being recommended to Bill by Mark Lowry and the Easters to tape the last video, Bill fell in love with that song and has become a Joseph fan. That was the song he wanted done.

Well, to all who think that adding Joseph was a step down for the Perrys, give that some serious thought. 🙂

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  1. I’ll believe it when I hear Bill say it…not just some posters opinion. Nothing against DeeAnn.