Roy Webb leaves Signature Sound

Last week, I reported here and here on Roy Webb’s absence from the Signature Sound live DVD taping. Today, Ernie Haase announces that Webb has left the group.

I’ll probably be posting further reflections tomorrow, but suffice for now to say that my thoughts and prayers are with Webb as he deals with his father’s health issues, and with Ernie Haase as he seeks a replacement.

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  1. I miss Roy, he is in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Roy was the best…we’ll miss him!!!

  3. I don’t think it was Roy’s decision!

  4. Dee Ann, I think you’re right! But we’ll probably never hear the “real” story of the split. And that’s okay. If I had a problem or disagreement with my boss (or coworkers) or if I was just tired of my job and left (or if my boss wanted me gone), that should be between me and my boss.
    Of course, I didn’t feel this way a year ago when Anthony Facello left Mercy’s Mark. I wanted to know details. But in hindsight I can really say it was none of my business and I truly love Anthony’s replacement.
    Maybe EHSSQ will be better for the change, too.

  5. I personally don’t know whose decision it was, but since I don’t know anything to the contrary, I’ll take what they have released at face value.
    Especially since, it really isn’t any of my business anyway.

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents since folks had the impression that the Dee Ann above might be me. It isn’t, I haven’t talked with Roy but I hope to but not about whose decision it is, but rather to wish him well.


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