Monument Quartet Not Disbanding

A recent poster in the Singing News forums posted a rumor that the Monument Quartet was disbanding. [EDIT, 3/26/13: Broken link removed.]

The Monument Quartet formed just last year, by two former members of the Wilburns (Gary Casto singing lead and Josh Singletary singing baritone and playing piano), Dennis Dugger at the bass position, and Marshall Pugh singing tenor. The quartet got off to a strong start and were one of the Top 5 Nominees for Horizon Group of the Year in the 2006 Singing News Fan Awards. (I voted for them; they may well have won had it not been for the radio success of the Mike LeFevre Quartet’s cover of the CCM song “Days of Elijah.”)

I contacted the Monument Quartet to make them aware of the rumor. I heard back from Marshall Pugh who is the group’s tenor and now owner. He confirmed that the group will not be disbanding. However, he said to be watching for an upcoming press release about possible personnel changes.

I wish Monument Quartet the best as they go through this challenging time; may they come out of it as strong as ever.

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  1. I am fascinated about the blog posting for Mounment Quartet. The source of your information is interesting. Hopefully, the forthcoming press release will shed some light on the real reason for the “personnel changes”. If you want the true story, watch for a new quartet to make their debut on the SG airwaves. You may recognize three of the members. Then, ask yourself what REALLY happened to Monument Quartet after NQC.

  2. Concerning the source of my information, I contacted the Monument Quartet via the contact form on their website. Marshall Pugh replied with the information that I posted.

  3. If anyone is wanting information on the Monument Quartet “rumor” go to and check out SG Wire. Press release from BSA World regarding three of the original Monument Quartet members is available for viewing.

  4. Good point.


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