Singling the Right Song: “I Have Been Changed”

All too often, the great and possibly future classic songs on a CD don’t get sent to radio as a single. This is for various reasons, one of which is that it was another member’s “turn” to have a song on which they had a solo sent out to radio.

Often when an album comes out, a song that I feel is far from the best song on the project gets sent to radio as the first single. When that happens, I just hold my breath and hope that the chief jewel on the CD makes it out later. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not.

This time it did; Adam Edwards reports that Legacy Five is sending “I Have Been Changed” to radio.

This is what Legacy Five needed to do at this point in their group history. The loss of Roger Bennett, followed by a weak single, would have hurt them perhaps too much. But even though this song was recorded while Bennett was still with the group (and even though his voice introduces the song), I think that in some subtle psychological way fans of the group who are currently wondering whether or not this group will remain a favorite will be swayed by hearing this song on the radio.
That’s just the roundabout way of saying I’m thrilled Legacy Five sent this song to radio.

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  1. Wow! What an uplifting true SG song. L5 at their best. This is a great decision. You really wonder if Rogers close ties with DW kept this song from being the “first” single. It will be played and played and played! As good as it is, I would still love to hear GY do this one. Maybe one day we will!

  2. GH–

    What a thought!

    And maybe, just maybe, he’s joined with Glen Payne, Jake Hess, and (say) Denver Crumpler, doing it right now–with Roger Bennett at a Heavenly piano!

    Wow, the thought gives me goosebumps.

    Of course, the music they sing in Heaven is probably far more glorious than anything our little minds can conceive down here…but maybe, once in a while, they sing the songs of their pilgrimage.

  3. They and we will sing “the song of the Redeemed”…”a song the angels cannot sing”…more glorious perhaps, but still the song from the hearts of grateful eternally saved souls…a more glorious version of what we sing here and now…ah the priviledge of the singing saint!

  4. YES! I count this as one of L5’s best moves! This is Southern Gospel at its FINEST!

  5. AMEN AGAIN!!!!…but DJ, what is “SingLing” ?

  6. Hallelujah, they finally did it! […]