Gordon Mote joining EHSS…for summer, at least

For this summer (at least), Gaither Vocal Band / Gaither Homecoming tour pianist Gordon Mote will play piano for Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. Haase announced this in an email blast sent out today.

I am cautiously optimistic about this. I say “cautiously” because I have only one reservation: I would like to see Signature Sound continue the traditional Southern Gospel configuration of naming the pianist as a full-fledged member of the group, rather than just as a member of a band that may change every week.

I would not be disappointed to see Mote named Signature Sound’s permanent pianist; I just hope that they will ultimately end up with a permanent pianist as a full-fledged group member.

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  1. Pesonally I would like to see Gordon go the summer with them and then have Roy Webb back, but from the very short mention of Roy(maybe the shortest press release I’ve seen) and the huge glowing press release about Gordon, it almost seems like they are “kicking Roy to the curb.” If that is the case, I would then like to see Roy with the Kingdom Heirs, I think he would be a great addition to them musically and with stage presence. I don’t care who else SS would get, with all their stacks and stracks they would sound the same with Miss Piggy playing! lol

  2. I agree with you, Phil. The press release was pretty short for a group member that has been so popular. Also seems to me that since Roy’s father is very near death, EHSSQ could have gotten a “substitute” for a little while and then welcomed Roy back. That is, if the family situation is REALLY why Roy left. I definitely could be wrong, but I’m not sure we’ve heard the whole story, or as Paul Harvey used to say…”the rest of the story.”.

  3. I was wondering the same thing. Why wouldn’t Ernie just hire a temporary piano player until Roy’s family situation is resolved?

  4. Aye, same goes for me.

    I think Mote is a good fit, though. Now all he needs is a tan, spiked hair, and a short tie 🙂

  5. Roy will not be coming back.

  6. My prayer is that Roy Webb will be back. He is such a vital part of Signature Sound. He said in the back stage interview with Dan Dixon a couple of weeks ago that he could not imagine any of them leaving the group, so I find it hard to believe he is gone. He truly complimented the group. I dread seeing them in Evansville without Roy. And before I was so excited.I realize I must accept Gods Will, though I do now Understand..