CD Review: It’s All Good! (Gold Harbor)

Gold Harbor bills themselves as “a performing group that sings country,contemporary,praise & worship,bluegrass and southern gospel,all wrapped in to 2 guy’s and a girl who are determined to spread god’s [sic] good, great news.” About a year ago, they released an album that this site passed on reviewing and that Musicscribe awarded its only one-star-rating ever handed out.

Gold Harbor is now a mixed trio, and It’s All Good is a great improvement from their last project. The group invested the budget to get professional studio musicians to record the tracks and to reserve enough studio time to get the vocals done right.

The songs are mostly new songs, though there is one classic (“I’d Rather Have Jesus”) and one one Martins song (“It’s All Good”). Other highlights include “Let Your Holy Rain Fall Down” and “I Know That He Loves Me.” Fortunately, despite the website description describing the group as a five-genre group, this particular project doesn’t reflect that level of stylistic dissonance; most of the songs tend toward the country end of Southern Gospel.

While on its own the project might get three stars, it deserves the extra half-star due to the noticeably significant effort to improve upon the previous project.

Rating: 3.5 stars. ♦ Average song rating: 2.9 stars. ♦ Group members: Two men and a woman, not credited. ♦ Produced by: Artist. ♦ Available from: Artist. Review copy provided. ♦ Song list:  I’ll Never Forget; I Can See Clearly; A Miracle For You; A Few More Miles; Let Your Holy Rain Fall Down; It’s All Good; I Know That He Loves Me; Don’t Let Satan Steal Your time; Just Something I’m Going Through; I’d Rather Have Jesus.

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  1. One of the CDs I reviewed got zero stars. I think there was a 1 1/2 review a few years ago as well.

    But yeah, Gold Harbor sounds a lot better now.

    • Was that maybe the one that actually got the zero stars?

      • No, Gold Harbor got 1.

        A non-gospel group got the zero.

        Would you believe, though, that I currently have about five non-gospel CDs waiting on reviews? I got one today, as a matter of fact. Somebody put me on a list, but didn’t tell anyone what type of CDs I review.

      • I’ve gotten a few, too. I’ve quit reviewing them.