CD Review: For Such a Time As This (Couriers)

Editor’s note: This review was scheduled to appear in several months; however, with today’s announcement of the group’s disbanding, I bumped the review up while their webstore was still up.

Though the Couriers started in 1955 as a quartet, their best known configuration, from the 1960s on, was as a trio. From that point through their last recording in 2007—The Real Deal, reviewed here—they had always had (at least) three members. However, when their lead singer left, tenor Larry More and baritone/bass Tim Beitzel decided to continue for the time being as a duo.

Fortunately, this was relatively short-lived—only for a year or two—as they added lead singer Terry Smith last December. In the interim, however, the Couriers did release one album, For Such a Time as This, as a duo.

Or, I should say, this project was released nominally as a duo recording; at a number of points throughout the recording, a third vocal is in the mix. On some songs, noticeably the acapella track opening the recording, the third part is featured as prominently in the mix as the other two.

The recording is about half new songs and half classics. The new songs were composed by the two members of the duo; Larry More had three songs cut on the project, and Tim Beitzel had two. There were also three hymns (“We Would See Jesus,” “Come Unto Me,” and “Zion’s Hill”), two earlier Couriers songs (“God Smiled” and “What a Way to Go”) and one Jesus music classic, “Jesus is the Answer,” penned by Andraé and Sandra Crouch.

This project shows that the Couriers actually quite decent as a duo, but it’s still better to see them as a trio again.

Rating: 3.5 stars. ♦ Group members: Larry More, Tim Beitzel. ♦ Produced by: None Credited. ♦ Available from: Artist. Review copy provided. ♦ Label: Independent. ♦ Song list:  We Would See Jesus; Come Unto Me; Born to Praise the Lord; God Smiled; Jesus is the Answer; Live For Jesus; My Life to Give; The Day I Kneel; What a Way to Go; Zion’s Hill; Wouldn’t You Rather Be a Christian.

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  1. Daniel,

    Aren’t you mixing the two “Couriers” groups in your comments?

    The Couriers from the 50’s/60’s are still/once again singing, known legally as Dave, Duane and Neil … and who will be on the NQC stage again this year.

    The group that has retired are not near that old, having been given the use of the Couriers name by Neil Enlow after his group retired a few years ago.


    • I’m actually quite familiar with both groups, and had no intent to confuse; I apologize if any of the statements in the review were unclear!

  2. Thanks, Daniel for reviewing “For Such a Time As This”. I didn’t think anything was unclear in the review. As a matter of clarification, however, I would add that “What a Way to Go” is not a remake…this is a new song written by Phil Enloe. The arrangement of “Come Unto Me”, however, is one we “borrowed” from Neil Enloe and modified just a bit. 🙂

    With all the misinformation on the internet about who is/was and isn’t/wasn’t legitimate in the context of all things “Courier”, you have clearly defined, along with Neil in his comments, the facts about who gave what to who and when it happened, etc. Thanks for the clarity. We are humbled to have been handed the reigns of this ministry by Neil, Duane and Phil and will forever in our hearts be “Couriers.”

    • Thanks! I really appreciate you coming here to say that you thought it was clear who I was referring to!

      During the years you’ve carried the Couriers banner, from ever thing that I have seen, you’ve carried it with the same level of integrity as the earlier generation. And I don’t know if I could pay a singer a higher compliment!

  3. ….oh…and by the way…there are three parts on every song…and four parts here and there too! 😉

    • I thought maybe, but I didn’t want to be so brave as to come right out and say so, only to have someone point out an exception!

      • You mean someone might come on this blog with the spirit of correction? May it never be! lol!

      • 🙂

        I’ve been wrong before. Too often! 🙂

      • Did someone call my name? lol