CD Review: It’s Worth the Wait (Dana Russell)

Singer / songwriter Dana Russell is a regional soloist based in Georgia; he has an active nursing home ministry and has opened for numerous national artists. It’s Worth the Wait is a collection of ten songs he wrote. No producer is credited, but the tracks were recorded by Rose of Sharen’s Sharen Alexander and the vocals were recorded at Lamp Music’s Whitesburg facility.

The project has a good mixture of fast and slow songs. “Sing About My Jesus” and “He’s Always There” are standout uptempo tracks; the former is probably the best song on the project. “It’s Worth the Wait” and “If Not For Calvary” are the project’s best ballads.

Though more could have been done with a bigger budget (both for the tracks and for time in the studio to work on the vocals), It’s Worth the Wait is an admirable first effort and shows promise for the future.

Produced by: None credited. ♦ Available from: Artist (in person only). Review copy provided. ♦ Song list:  Be Ready; I Just Wasn’t Saved; Does He Know Your Name; He Made An Offer; God’s Voice; Sing About My Jesus; That Day Jesus Came Into My Life; If Not For Calvary; It’s Worth the Wait; He’s Always There.

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  1. Dana is a great singer and we really enjoy hearing him. He has a great ministry and visits a lot of nursing homes and sings to those people there. They all like him. Hope he does will with the cd. He is a great song writer also as you can see from the songs on the cd. Hope you will get one if you don’t already have one and hear him. Think there are a couple of songs on youtube by him.