CD Review: Something For Everyone (Voices Won)

Other genres select new favorite groups quickly. A breakout single shoots up through the charts, and in a few weeks’ time, the group is a household name. Of course, a few singles later, after a couple of singles that don’t move far up the chart, that group can be just as quickly forgotten.

In Southern Gospel, the path to household name status is typically a little slower. Occasionally a group has a breakout single that propels them to the top (Heaven Bound and Perfect Heart come to mind), but more often a group will take ten or more years to slowly build from regional to national status. Voices Won seems to be taking the slow but steady route.

I introduced Voices Won to readers of this blog with a review of their first major-label release, Easier to Live, in January 2009 (here). Something for Everyone is their second major-label release. (They record with Crossroads.)

Much like their last album, this album covers a range of styles. A Phillips Craig & Dean cover, “The Voice of the Lord,” is among the project’s edgier tracks. Yet none of the songs are so edgy as to turn off fans of traditional music; “Voice of the Lord” could easily fit on Southern Gospel radio if released.

Tenor singer Jaron Faulknor wrote three of the project’s songs, “Tell Your Story,” “Something For Everyone,” and “Give Him Room.” They aren’t token cuts either, just since a member of the group wrote them; they are as good as any others on the recording. “Tell Your Story” is a strong uptempo song, and “Something for Everyone” is one of the best slower numbers on the project. (The other is the Phil Cross & Elmer Cole-penned “The Road Less Traveled,” the project’s strongest song and first radio single.)

The brothers’ tight harmonies are reminiscent of the Bishops, a group they all point towards as influences. Mark Bishop contributed a new song to the project, “Guess What Zacchaeus Found,” a fun uptempo number.

Voices Won is one of the best trios on the Southern Gospel circuit today, and this album does not disappoint.

Rating: 4.5 stars. ♦ Average song rating: 3.8 stars. ♦ Group members: Jaron Faulknor, Staclynn Faulknor, Shantell Faulknor. ♦ Produced by: Jeff Collins. ♦ Available from: Label, Artist. Review copy provided. ♦ Song list:  Tell Your Story; Sometimes When the Wind Blows; Knowing You; Something For Everyone; The Voice of the Lord; Give Him Room; I Go With the Lord; He Came to Me; Guess What Zacchaeus Found; Road Less Traveled.

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  1. Love your music and sound.
    Would love to have a sound track for, Road Less Travel”. Is there one available?