12 Days of Christmas: Day 2: Libbi Perry Stuffle

To get through the series in a reasonable amount of time, two will be posted per day. The second place winner was written by Grace M.

I didn’t become a fan of Southern Gospel music until several years ago, so it wasn’t till somewhat recently that I found out that Libbi Stuffle (of the Perrys) has hearing loss.

Since realizing this I have heard that she now has only twelve percent of her hearing, and that this makes things such as sound checks really hard on her (even to the point of pondering quitting – as referenced at the 2009 fan awards).

So what I would wish to give to her (and to all of Southern gospel and its fans) – if I could- is a restoration of her hearing, or some technological advance that would enable her to hear without any complications.

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  1. Another great wish!! Thanks, Grace!!

  2. Awesome! Absolutely awesome!

  3. This an ideal Christmas wish for her! What a gift it would be. Great idea, Grace!

  4. Wonderful thought! I’m sure Libbi would be deeply moved to know that you care enough to have this kind of wish! God Bless you, Grace!

  5. I think the world of Lib and Tracy. They are both neat people and when you have a 1-1 conversation away from the stage, they are even neater.

  6. Definitely a great wish for a great person!!!