Gold City is back

Just when you thought the list of the 10 Biggest Stories of the year was set, a top 3 hits. Tim Riley has revamped Gold City, announcing that he is returning to the road on a full-time basis—and that Roy Webb is joining as their pianist (for most dates) and that former Legacy Five tenor singer Josh Cobb, who won the Singing News Fan Award for Horizon Individual in 2000, will be their new tenor singer.

Comments on Cobb’s mySpace site about his Legacy Five years had drawn some controversy; Brandon Coomer has an interesting comment, that apparently Cobb’s account had been hacked by a friend who was trying to be funny.

Where has he been?

Truth be told, his most recent sighting—until now—was in the back row of a church choir. At least, that is, until he comes out for a solo at around 2:30:

Gold City has been going through a rebuilding process for some time. But now, Gold City is back.

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  1. Wow! Great news for Gold City!

  2. Can’t wait to hear the new lineup!!

  3. Biggest stories of the year is right. I was floored when my sis-in-law read me an email from (I think) SN.

    The extra background information is welcome. Thanks, Daniel!

    • No problem!

      With my work schedule, right now I unfortunately can’t always be the first one up with a story. So I try to make up for that with the background information! 🙂

  4. I always did think that Josh Cobb was an excellent tenor. About all the stories regarding his leaving L5, I had heard there were 2 sides to that situation. Since 10 years have passed, and I am sure that Josh has matured in that space of time, and it is very obvious that his voice is still as powerful, if not more so, than is was back then, I say let’s move on and not bring up the past. We need to give him a chance, I think he is a really good fit for Gold City.
    Of course there is no doubt about Roy Webb being a good fit, I think he is just what they need to put some spark into the group, as he has great stage presence and personality. Also his wit could be a real asset to them, as they have lacked in connecting with the audience in more recent times.
    I just wish Gold City the best, I hope this, along with Tim staying on the road, will be what they need to pull them out of the slump they were in…..Thanks Daniel for the update…..

  5. I am excited about the return of Josh Cobb and the addition of him to Gold City, he wrote on his web site that he had been treated badly by Legacy Five and did not feel like he was a part of Legacy Five…..I can’t wait to hear thei extraordinary talent sing with Gold City.

    • Let’s let the past be the past; I’ve heard that he has matured a lot in the last ten years, and that Tim and Danny checked him out before bringing him on.

  6. I always like Josh Cobb’s voice. I had some conversations with him during his L5 days and thought he was a nice guy as well. I tried to follow him during his days off the road. I exchanged a couple emails and could tell he still wanted to sing. I’m very glad to see him with Gold City. He will do an excellent job with them. His voice will just get better after a few months on the road. His charisma on stage will help as well.

    Roy Webb has great connection with the audience, which Gold City has needed since Jonathan left. He has a great personality and there aren’t many pianist who entertain as well while accompanying a group.

    Tim has and always will be a crowd favorite, not to mention he’s one of the best bass singers to take the stage. I am really looking forward to hearing this group.

  7. I wish GC the very best with this new lineup. Can’t wait to hear them!

  8. I wish Gold City the very best, and hope to hear them soon with the new line-up.

    While I’m not a huge fan of Josh Cobb (nothing personal, I’m just sort of indifferent, as I was when he was with L-5), I hope he is vocally and spiritually prepared to help Gold City stablize and regain their footing. I would love to see the group succeed.

    I think adding Roy Webb is a mixed blessing. I think Roy is a huge talent on stage but, just like GC’s recent “we have a band one week, we don’t the next” episodes, I gathered that Roy won’t be at all of Gold City’s concerts. That’s already a disappointment just waiting to happen, especially since it’s not been quantified as to how many dates Roy will be working with them. He can’t be an asset if he’s not there. And of all the decisions groups have to make, I would have hoped that Gold City would have realized that there is something to be said for consistency, which they need really badly for the next 3 years minimum, in order to regain their footing and credibilty.

    To say Gold City is “back,” seems a bit premature at this point, seeing as how no one knows how things are going to jell. So, I think time will tell if they are “back” or not, once the dust settles and the new wears off. I would say they stand the best chance if everyone is on board for multiple years and if they can find a consistency to their music and appearance (meaning deciding whether or not they want to wear jeans and untucked shirts versus suits and ties–it makes me no difference, I just prefer either one or the other so I know who I’m paying to go see).

    • I am with Daniel, I think this move by Gold City truly brings them back!

  9. I am sure Tim and Daniel have prayed about this move and know exactly what they are doing…I don’t know about Josh’s past, only that he was with L5 for a very short time…I think due to inexperience. But, I think he will do just fine.

  10. People these days seem to be all over knowing every aspect of a gospel singer’s life….making judgements based off of things that could hardly be fact at all. Leave the singers to sing and bless your hearts, and leave their lives between them and the Lord. You’ll take a huge burden off of yourself.

  11. […] I trust Tim and Daniel have thuroughly vetted the situation and would not have made this move without first doing their due diligence. Tim didn’t gain the reputation he has today by making poor decisions. Futhermore, let the past be the past. Trust that Josh’s heart is right with God. I can’t wait to see these guys!

  12. Is that DayBreak in the video?

    Genius at work.

    • No, that’s not Joel Wood or the rest of Daybreak. It’s credited as the Thompson Quartet.

  13. Wow…Roy with quartet again…

  14. I have read much about Josh Cobb’s time with L5, and seen numerous comments both negative and positive. And, as an earlier poster commented, when you are a 19 year old “kid” on a large stage, it is sometimes easy to get a little arrogant. What am I talking about? It’s easy for ANY 19 year old to get arrogant. LOL

    But, as has been stated, it’s been almost ten years. Josh has aged, and prayerfully he has matured in all areas of his life and will remember that it’s the fans that provides he and others the opportunity to do what they love to do.

    Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt; make plans to attend the next Gold City in 2010; and then comment after having seen the group in person, and interacted with them at that venue.

    Merry Christmas, SG lovers.

  15. i remember josh singing with L5 and thinking he was one of the best id ever heard. the guy wwas blessed with an exceptional voice and he had a great prescence on stage. ive seen the recent clips of him on Youtube and was extremely impressed, i cant wait to see the new combo. it will be different but so were Jay and Jonathan…
    Merry Christmas

  16. Great comment Harold. I think we need to pray for GC and give Josh a chance. Forget about the past and focus on ministering for the future.


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