Buddy Liles featured in Catoosa County News

Check out this article featuring an interview with Southern Gospel soloist (and Florida Boys bass) in the Catoosa County News. He talks about himself–

One of the individuals that helped carry the Florida Boys sound for more than 20 years is the legendary bass and baritone singer Buddy Liles. A member of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, Liles continues with a solo ministry he began almost a decade ago traveling throughout the country ministering to thousands each year.

In a telephone interview while traveling in New York, Liles said he enjoys the closeness of communication created with the audience as a soloist.

“There really is a lot of variety to my program,” he said.

–and about the future of Southern Gospel:

“I am 100 percent about helping the young people,” he said. “There have been many people that have helped me over the years.”

He said some of those are his heroes Bill Gaither, Jake Hess, and J.D. Sumner.

Liles said he has no worries about the future of Southern gospel music.

“I think it’s here to stay,” he said. “People appreciate people who sing by note and go after pretty harmony.”

Check it out!

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  1. Neat! I met Mr. Liles at the Midwest Gospel Singing Convention in Greenville, OH, last year. It was one of my first appointments with my quartet, and I got to help him load up his van at the end. I was so excited. My parents apparently loved the Florida Boys as I have found several Florida Boys records in storage (and have since played them countlessly). It was cool, also, that the “In the Heat of the Night” guy wrote the article.

  2. It’s not often you hear of a solo bass, but others that come to my mind are Mike Allen, Mike Presnell, (both are in groups now), Keith Plott, maybe London Parris (he recorded a solo album, but if he sang solo I don’t know)
    Anyway, what I’ve heard from bass soloists, I’ve reallly liked.
    We can hope that Gene McDonald does so someday.

  3. By the way,
    LJS mentioned the Midwest Gospel Singing Convention. To do some advertising, this year it runs from July 26-28 th in Greenville, Ohio.
    Talent includes Garry Shepphard (mc) The Blackwood Brothers (Jimmy’s group) Acclaim Qt, The Skyline Boys, John Darwin Rowsey, Buddy Liles, Mountain State Qt, GloryWay Qt, Stateline Qt, Circle of Friends, Trinity Trio, and some more.
    More info can be found at http://www.acclaimqt.com/mwgsc/htm.
    Hope to see some of you there!

  4. Buddie has done Concerts every year for the last 9 or 10 years for the church’s we have pastored, I consider him to be a very dear friend and an awsome Christian Brother

  5. Buddy Liles will be at Fellowship Baptist Church in Riverdale, Ga. this coming Sunday morning as part of their homecoming celebration. He was there last year and we enjoyed it very much. Sunday Oct. 2, 2011