Danny Funderburk Scheduled for surgery following heart attack

I’m still working away on some of the CD review ideas I posted a few days ago. In case I don’t get anything done by the end of the day today, I wanted to be sure to get at least something up today, so here’s a link to another blogger’s post:

Legendary Cathedrals tenor Danny Funderburk had a mild heart attack a few days ago. Paul Jackson is keeping this post updated with the current news…and if you visit, you get the extra bonus of some Funderburk stories. (EDIT 8/6/11: Broken link removed).

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  1. Daniel…thanks for the link. I have spoken with Jason Funderburk today…will be speaking with Danny later today…I will try to keep you and all of my readers updated.
    Thanks again. Danny is one of SG’s genuine “great guys”.
    All of us Prophets are asking God to keep His hand upon His servant.

    Praying still,

    Paul Jackson / The Prophets

  2. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. …of course…your’e my favorite blogger!

  4. Wow! That’s a high compliment. Thank you very much! 😳

  5. you are welcome!

  6. Danny is a great guy, and a great singer. I’ve sang with him on 2 occasions , and it is very easy to see his genuine concern for the body of Christ. No doubt that he’s singing for the right reasons. Our prayers are with him.