12 Days of Christmas: Day 10: Gold City

This post was submitted by Diana B., before Gold City announced its lineup changes.

If I had the power to give anyone any Christmas gift, I would give Gold City a holiday from criticism while they re-group and develop their new lineup.  They have such a wonderful, rich heritage and I’m certain that they will delight us with even more great music in the future.  They need encouragement and support from the industry as they contend with the personnel changes they’ve experienced recently.

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  2. Beautiful wish for Gold City.

  3. No criticism from me now… adding a first class tenor, a first class piano player, and the best Bass singer in SoGo music, how can you go wrong?? 🙂

    P.S. Was it just me, or was Chris Cooper not a good choice to begin with?? Please, this isn’t meant to criticize the guy, as he had a very smooth voice, but he def. wasn’t a “power tenor”….

    • I agree…Chris was a good tenor, but not quite what they needed.