Video of Josh Cobb

Here’s another video of Josh Cobb, even more recent than the last two I posted. This is from just a few weeks ago, of him singing a Christmas medley.

By the way, “O Holy Night” is keyed in D-flat. He hits several big and full A-flats throughout the song, ending in a high D-flat. On “Mary Did You Know,” on the peak line (“praises of the Lamb”), “the” is a high C and “Lamb” is a “B.”

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  1. The first song in the medley is Holy Is Thy Name – a song that is on Legacy Five’s London album. I don’t go back far enough to know if Josh originally sang the song with them.

    • No, that was Tony Jarman. And that’s why I found its inclusion interesting.

      It came out two years after he left, too, with “Heroes of the Faith” in the middle. So I really don’t think they were already planning it when he left, either.

      • If you keep up with the Gaither Homecoming projects, however, you will hear Josh Cobb singing Holy is Thy Name on the Christmas, A Time for Joy video. It was wonderful!

  2. He sounds different. His style is a lot more conservative. He does sound very very good though and more mature.

  3. I thought he (Josh) sang “Holy Is Thy Name” with L5 prior to his departure.

    • I do believe that L5, with Josh, sang that on the GHC Christmas video, “Christmas, A Time For Joy.” That was filmed in the summer of 2000?

      • Yes he did. I just checked on that myself.

  4. I am sure that when Josh was recorded in these video’s that he had no idea what was coming, and that the entire SG world would be watching them, and that they would be critiqued.

    That being said, he shows some range, acually some great high notes, and does it with power vocals.

    There is no way that Josh’s style will lend it’s self to the Brian/Mike/Ivan era of Gold City. His voice is much different than that style.

    And, that could be a very, very good thing. I cannot wait to hear this.

  5. This video was recorded yesterday morning (sunday , December 27, 2009) ……impressive since it is an AM service. Not too many tenors like to sing that high in the morning. Josh is a freak…..and I mean that in every nice way possible! Can’t wait to hear him with GC.

    • The dude has a GREAT voice. I, too, am anxious to hear Gold City with him, Tim and Webb.

  6. Josh did sing “Holy Is Thy Name” with L5. I remember that they opened their first NQC set with that song and they also did it on a Gaither Christmas video.

  7. Here is the CD (with sound clip) of the video where Josh sang it with Legacy Five.

    • What a voice!

  8. Here is the full version of the song on from YouTube. Legacy Five singing Holy Is Thy Name with Josh Cobb.

  9. Ok… after watching this clip, I am CERTAIN that Gold City will once again be at the top of their Genre!! Excellent choice Tim!

  10. What’s nice is his voice is his own. It’s not a reproduction of Jay Parrack’s or Brian Free’s. It’s actually something different for Gold City.
    I wonder if the facial hair he has to grow will change his voice.

    Genius at work.