Diamond Award Top 5 Announced

The top 5 finalists in the online Diamond Awards poll have been announced. You can view them and vote here. (EDIT, 8/3/11: Broken link removed.)

Here are my picks:

  1. J.D. Sumner Living Legend Award: Roger Bennett
  2. Group of the Year: The Perrys
  3. Trio of the Year: No vote cast (my two favorites, Greater Vision and the Mark Trammell Trio, were not nominated–I would’ve also voted for the Whisnants if they had made the top 5)
  4. Duet of the Year: No vote cast
  5. Soloist of the Year: No vote cast
  6. Sunrise Award: The Browns
  7. Male Vocalist of the Year: Guy Penrod
  8. Female Vocalist of the Year: Kim Hopper
  9. Songwriter of the Year: Kyla Rowland
  10. Instrumentalist: Roger Bennett
  11. Comedian: Aaron Wilburn
  12. Bluegrass Artist: Primitive Quartet
  13. Website: Brian Free & Assurance
  14. Industry Website: Singing News
  15. DVD: Get Away Jordan (Signature Sound)
  16. Song of the Year: No vote
  17. Album of the Year: The Ride (Hoppers)

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  1. I do find it ironic that Brian Free & Assurance’s website is nominated, when it doesn’t seem as if it has been updated very often at all. It doesn’t even have a picture of their new bass singer on it. The last pictures posted are from August 2006, and it still shows Keith Plott on their site.

  2. How do they come up with these nominations????

  3. That is also via an online poll.

  4. The nominations are voted on by the fans of Southern Gospel music.

  5. It is not just online votes. It consists of mail-in and online votes. And just like any fan-favorite vote it represents the readership of the publication putting it out.

  6. What’s up with “no vote cast” in categories like soloist? Maybe it’s not the best list of soloists I’ve ever seen, but you can’t go wrong with Ivan Parker.

    No vote for Song of the Year?!?

  7. Ty,

    Yes, no vote for Song of the Year. It’s not so much that I dislike the songs nominated as that I feel the songs most worthy of the honor didn’t even make the list.

    On some of the others, I felt that all of the nominees were equally good and that none particularly stood out.