2009 in Review: Top 10 Stories: Nominations

In 2008, there were a few indisputably big stories, but it was a slight challenge to fill out the whole list of the year’s top stories. This year, there was no shortage of big stories; whittling the list down will be the hard part.

Since two stories that will definitely make the top 10 have transpired in the last two weeks, I concluded that there was no way I could draft this list in advance. So I will be posting the official list tomorrow morning. In the meantime, what are the stories you think should make the top 10?

Just one note on my criteria: While I will group together stories that occurred within a week or two of one another (Cooper leaves Gold City, Cobb and Webb join), I won’t be grouping stories that occurred months apart (Ladd leaves Gold City, Cooper joins, Cooper leaves, Cobb and Webb join).

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  1. Daniel, do you want our suggestions here or do you want us to e-mail them to you?

  2. IMHO, the biggest story of 2009 can be summed up with three letters:


    • I completely agree. Both for it’s shock value and the effect it had on the fans and the way it stirred things up.

      • When I first heard it, I was shocked. And, I still miss Marsh’s contributions. But, the GVB is still great, but in a different way.

  3. One of the biggest stories to me was the successful kidney transplant between Taranda and Tony Greene.

    • What a huge blessing that was. I hope it makes the cut.

  4. To me one of the biggest stories is the miracle of extended life to Tony Greene. Was so in awe when they both attended the NQC days after the transplant. God certainly worked in their lives and put them together so many years ago.

  5. –Tony Greene’s Transplant

    –Carol Woodard retires from McKameys

    –Archie Watkins goes solo

    –GVB restructures

    –GV, Booths, and L-5 record Jubilee

    –Devin McGlamery replaces Ryan Seaton in Sig Sound

    –Gold City mega changes all year long

    • Did Archie’s move happen earlier this year or last year?

      • Per the Inspirations website, Archie’s last concert was February 28, 2009, and his open letter on their website is dated March 2009.

  6. Aside from all of the great ones already mentioned, here are the ones I can remember being noteworthy.

    Frank Seamans leaving L5, Gus Gaches joining – it was no surprise that Frank left, but sad nonetheless

    EHSS leaving Gaither tour (for the most part) and doing solo tours.

    Although it’s not been decided, I thought it to be pretty poignant that NQC board is even considering a change in location from Louisville to Indianapolis.

    Daniel Childs leaving Blackwood Bros. If I remember correctly, he was the only 4th generation family member still on the road. It seems like he was the one set to “carry the torch” to the next generation.

    Dana Younce Willis, daughter of the late George Younce, passing away suddenly due to a heart attack.

    Eva Mae LeFevre’s passing.

    Kerry Beatty leaving the Palmetto State Quartet – amidst their many changes, he was a mainstay.

    Eric Phillips leaving Mark Trammel Trio, as he was a founding member of the group.

    I do not recall if you posted about this, but I thought that the Lewis Family retiring the group a few months ago was pretty important, given their place in Gospel and Bluegrass music history.

    Derrick Selph leaving Brian Free and Assurance – Randal Crawford returning

    Jubilee project and concerts with Greater Vision, Legacy Five, and Booth Brothers.

    • I’m pretty sure I did post about the Lewis Family.

      • Good deal. I couldn’t remember!

  7. The biggest story of 2009 should be that Christ did not return for his church, expecially considering all the turmoil and war in the world. That should be the story that should lead every front page in every newspaper in the world. But sadly, it will never be mentioned and probably would not have been mentioned here.

    • I believe my main idea here is to cover what has happened. Certainly if that happens before the end of the year, it will be the biggest story of the year . . . and I won’t be here to write about it! 🙂

  8. Dude, he means Southern Gospel stories. And maybe he hasn’t come back yet because we still have work to do

  9. Booth Brothers dominance in the Singing News Fan Awards. Let’s face it, those awards are much talked about amongst the fans, who are the people ultimately making the Southern Gospel world continue to exist.

    Everybody wants to talk about all of the changes with Gold City…Ladd leaving…Cooper joining…Cooper leaving…Webb and Cobb joining…but hello, what about Tim Riley making a return to the stage? That’s the biggest of the series of Gold City turnover if you ask me.