Jeremy Peace joins Old Paths

SoGospelNews has a press release posted announcing that Jeremy Peace has joined the Old Paths Quartet. [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.]┬áIncidentally, he explained in a post here why he left the Kingsmen, and expressed his confidence in Harold Reed’s abilities to fill his shoes. [EDIT, 11/6/10: Regrettably, the link seems to be broken, so it has been removed.]

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  1. That whole announcement was a surprise to me. I’m looking forward to seeing Jeremy with Old Paths next month.

  2. Thanks, Daniel, for posting an honest, positive news post… remember, the truth always prevails, and honesty is the key to success. I look forward to reading your blogs daily.

  3. Jermey: You have a great talent, and it’s good that you’re with a group. Hope to hear ya’ soon
    I saw the Kingsmen about a month ago at the First Lutheran Church in Shelby, Ohio. (Daniel, were you there? I assume not since I did not see a concert review.)
    As I remember that was Harold’s 2nd week with The Kingsmen.
    Sure, they could have just been getting used to the change, or they all could have been wore out after a full weekend. But it appeared that he didn’t really seem to “fit” as a Kingsmen tenor. It’s very hard to describe, but it seemed like the whole group lacked the typical “Kingsmen excitement” in the program.
    But I’ll assume that they have more adjusting to do, and that they’ll get things iorned out soon.
    Has any other reader seen them recently???? If so, what do you think???

  4. Mary–a little (~8 yrs. old) boy I know was being baptized that night, and I wouldn’t skip a baptism service for the best concert in the world! ­čÖé Thanks for asking, though–I do plan on being there to see the Perrys this fall!

  5. I felt the Kingsmen that night in Shelby, OH were getting used to Harold. But, I also felt the Kingsmen were coming back out of their shell, and starting to sound like the old Kingsmen from the 80’s. I think Harold is just what they need to return to the days of the “ton of fun!” The Kingsmen are back!

  6. I agree Paul. They just need some time to work things out.

  7. I think with the addition of their (the Kingsmen) powerful lead singer Phillip Hughes, and the smooth Baritone of Bryan Hutson, and of course “ton of fun” Harold Reed, Ray Reese is on his way back to an award winning quartet. I can’t say much about Jeremy Peace as I never heard him in concert, but from what I have read, many people loved him.