Archie Watkins launches group

Last year, Archie Watkins left the Inspirations to launch a solo career. But you can’t be a quartet tenor for 45 years without quartet singing in your blood—and he’s launching a new group, Smoky Mountain Reunion. From the announcement on Watkins’ website:

During the 45 year span that Archie was with the Inspirations Quartet, he had the privilege of sharing the stage with some men who’s names and voices you will no doubt recall.  So for 12 dates or so a year, beginning in March 2010, some of these men will be joining Archie onstage for a night in concert as ‘Archie Watkins & Smoky Mountain Reunion’.

Among those who will be performing with Archie are Marlin Shubert, Jack Laws, Troy Burns and Eddie Deitz.  There are many treasured songs, now considered classics, featuring these men that have been recorded over the years.  So, the group will be performing these classics in concert during these limited appearances together.

Thanks to Robert York for the tip!

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  1. Wasn’t some these guys with the Smokey Mountain Trio?