Video: New Gold City Debut

From the “too good not to post” department comes this video of the first song from the debut concert of the new Gold City lineup.

There’s potential for greatness here. No question.

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  1. Outstanding! It’s been a hard year for such a wonderful group. I know that as they become tuned to each other and with Mr. Webbs music ability they will no doubt be back on top. Daniel certainly had a hard year but things are certainly looking up. Congrats on the new line up. It sounds wonderful. Faithfulness is certainly rewarded.

  2. JOsh sings a strong Bb through the last half of this song after the key change. For him to sing in that range, for that length of time, tells me there is plenty more available for those patented GC arrangements. I think this maybe the strongest lineup they have had in a very long while. Congrats to everyone in GC, especially to my good friend Daniel.

    • I’m told he can hit an F-sharp in reasonably full voice.

  3. That ain’t no Gold City tenor! I was blown away when I heard that line-up. I like that different sound.

    Genius at work.

  4. Man Josh Cobb was ON. He absolutely nailed it. And he looked like he was enjoying himself much more than when he sang with L5.

  5. I am praying, praying, praying that Gold City is stable for a good long while, because this lineup is AMAZING! Loved the video! Their sound is wonderful! Can’t wait till they come here in a few months!

  6. Gold City has remained my favorite group in spite of the all the changes, but they seem to have dropped on many people’s list. I think this lineup may be the best since Riley, Trammell, Wilburn, and Parrack. I hope they can keep this lineup together and get back to the top where they belong.

  7. Spent new years eve last night with some friends who go to church with cobb. apparently he is a great young man with an amazing testimony. sounds like a good kid. happy for him.

  8. All that I can say is, “OH YEAH!” One would never know that Josh has been off the road, and not singing regularly considering the power that he shows in this song.

    Gold City: Come back to Forth Worth/Dallas!

  9. I think this is going to be a good line up, they seem to blend well. I can’t wait to hear them in person. Josh sounds as good as he ever did, and of course Roy, there isn’t much more you can say about him, than he is awesome.
    I hope this will help GC to regain their sound, and get their stability back. I wish them the best.

  10. It is obvious they are new to each other and Josh seemed a little nervous, especially at the beginning.

    HOWEVER, this group will dominate Southern Gospel if they can stay together. Josh has amazing range and power. Roy will add so much to the group. Tim sounds as good as he ever did. I can’t wait to see them.

  11. WOW! What an amazing testimony that Josh is back singing. And WOW, what a sound. Daniel and Tim (and all of GC) deserve to have a great 2010 for the decision they made to bring him on board, especially for what some seem to perceive as being such a risky move. I applaud them for it. I also believe they will be rewarded greatly for it too.

    This lineup has as much potential as any of their best have ever had. I pray God’s blessings will be on Gold City and that great things will be in store for this quartet. I can’t wait to see you in person.