Video: Gus Gaches debut with Legacy Five

YouTube user puresoutherngospel has posted three videos from Gus Gaches’ debut concert with Legacy Five, last night.


Great Is Thy Faithfulness:

(If you think this is good now, it will be even better once they get his vocals cut and replace Frank’s old stacks with his.)

Life Will Be Sweeter Someday:

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  1. Gus sounds really great here! I have heard that he had a cold last night! Daniel do you know what the highest note he hit on this song? Verse and Chorus? Thank you!

    • Which song?

      • My bad “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” 🙂

      • D-flat at 3:30, but other than that passage sticking to B and below, ending on A.

      • Thanks Daniel! That is too high for me to even think about lol. I can’t wait to hear Gus live!

      • 😆

        It’s too high for me to hit in full voice, but not too high for me to think about!

      • Um….you don’t even need to think about it, Mr. I Can Sing Tenor On Boundless Love! :o)

      • Yeah, I’m better off thinking lead. 🙂

      • Daniel, I can “think” tenor on any number so songs. But, if I don’t want to make a trip to the E.R., I had probably better keep it somewhere in the baritone range.LOL

    • Blessings to Gus and the group in the future
      Grandma Jackson . Jan Walls mother

  2. I think he is going to be awesome!
    Thanks Daniel for these postings…..

  3. I really enjoy Gus Gaches’ voice – to me, he blends quite nicely with the group and his voice has a very pleasing sound.

  4. Was there last night. Although Frank’s personality and song intrepretation will be missed, L5 will be just fine with Gus.

  5. Gus definitely did a great job! That Db at 3:30 on “Great is Thy Faithfulness” that was referenced was nailed so well! I hope to here this lineup at FanFest in Visalia in a few months. Thanks for alerting your readers to these uploads, Daniel!

  6. Oops, make that “hear” in the second line above. I knew better! Too bad we can’t edit these after we post. I saw it a second too late! 🙂

  7. Gus, Our Pastor sent this to us. You already knew that we think you all are the best..

  8. Gus Gaches is the best tenor in the business seriously. He gives this group of average singers arguably the best sound in the industry. Hated to see him leave Mike LeFevre’s group because he was such a good fit with them and their talented lineup, but glad to see him doing well.


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