Coming Soon: Mark Trammell Quartet

According to a press release posted today on the Singing News website, the Mark Trammell Trio will soon become a quartet:

One of Southern Gospel’s Top Five trios will be making some major changes in early 2010. Mark Trammell announced today that after two years of encouragement from both fans and industry friends, the Mark Trammell Trio will change its name to the Mark Trammell Quartet in the very near future.

“For over seven years our trio has enjoyed great success as a new group that God has allowed to start from literally nothing to what it is today,” says Mark. “I guess George Younce was right: I am, and always have been, a quartet man at heart. We are excited about the days ahead and being able to deliver our brand of traditional four part harmony to those who have been such a great encouragement.”

Who will be the bass singer for the Mark Trammell Quartet? The announcement is just a few weeks away!

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  1. I think that’s great news! I think they’ll be a fantastic quartet.
    I do wish they still had Eric Phillips though! Although Joel Wood is good too.

  2. Exciting news! I think they will sound wonderful as a quartet. Can’t wait to see who the new bass singer is!

  3. I actually caught this on the forums earlier, unusual for me. Sounds like great news! I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am anyway.

  4. Is MTT (or now MTQ) gonna be the new Won By One? LOL!!!!!

    Genius at work.

    • Not sure what you mean by the reference?

      • They were a trio when they first started out and performed for many years until Bob Caldwell (?) joined.
        God, can you please stop putting in peoples’ hearts to move to other groups or retire for at least a month? Bro. Mount needs a break.

        Genius at work.

      • It’s actually easier when people move, because that way I don’t have to spend a half-hour thinking over what my post for the day will be!

      • Yes, I guess I knew they became a quartet. I just hadn’t known if there was anything more to the reference!

        Brian Free & Assurance started out as a trio, too.

        So did the Cathedrals.

        So there’s some good precedent out there!

  5. Could the new bass be Aaron McCune maybe? I was never really clear on the circumstances surrounding him leaving Gold City, but he’s definitely good.

    • I don’t see his dry, clear-cut, ultra-low tone being a good fit. Unless Mark is going for a Gold City sound, that is!

      I’ve envisioned Mark hiring someone with a warmer, more melodic tone. (Understand I’m not saying one style is better than the other—both have their place!) But I’ve been surprised before!

      • Daniel, there are worse things out there than a “Gold City Sound”.:)

        Although, a bass singer would have to get up awful early in the morning to match Tim.

  6. Is there any way that Gene McDonald could be talked into the job?

  7. I have always wanted them to get a bass singer. It will be interesting to see who he picks. I do wish Eric was still with them though cause he was awesome. Definitely one of the most underrated tenors out there. Thanks for the update Daniel! Great comments too!

  8. There are a number of interesting possibilities from both people who are not currently with groups and people who are. If Miike Allen would stay for any length of tenure, he’d be fantastic with them–my first pick. Pat Barker would be another excellent choice–no disrespect to the Dixie Echoes at all. Not sure I’d put Aaron McCune there, but Gene McDonald would be a great choice. I sometimes think he could sing the phone book and make it smooth and appealing. I’m trying to think of some other names like Bill Lawrence, Keith Plott, and other bass singers who have been involved in the past. Of course, Mark may have someone completely different already in place.

  9. It is definitely exciting. I think Mike Allen would be a good fit Brady. Gene McDonald is awesome too! I don’t know what kind of sound Mark will be going for but I can’t wait to find out! Daniel, please keep us posted!

  10. I like the Bob Caldwell idea…

  11. Grigs- Since he did help make Brian Free & Assurance as well as Won by One a quartet, that wouldn’t be that bad of an idea. I know I can’t wait until they release the name.

  12. I’d like to see Dwayne Burke out there with a major group again.

    Genius at work.

  13. What about Christian Davis or Burman Porter? Both of them are without quartets if I am not mistaken? Christian Davis is a smooth bass singer or he can rumble the floor with the best of them. It is something hearing him sing as a one man quartet. He is very impressive.

  14. This is so exciting. I think they will be a top notch quartet. Mark has so much experience from being with The Cathederals and Gold City. The sound is going to be so great. I sure wish them the best of everything and can hardly wait to hear who he picks as the bass singer.

  15. I wonder if it will be Brad Smith from the Blackwood Brothers? He just left? I wonder. He is a smooth bass and would fit nicely, I believe, with the MTQ.

  16. I wonder if the new bass may be the bass singer from the Florida Boys.

  17. Could it be Tim Duncan??? That would be great!