Saturday News Roundup #46

In the news:

  • Collingsworth family soprano Brooklyn Collingsworth got engaged last weekend, to William Blair III of Zanesville, OH. She will remain in her position as soprano; he is earning a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati and will travel with the group as the schedule allows. They are planning for a wedding this December.
  • Brad Smith has resigned his position singing bass for the Blackwood Gospel Quartet. His plans (and theirs) are presently unknown.
  • Ed O’Neal’s mother passed away Thursday morning. She was 97.
  • Jerry Kelso, who most recently played for the Dove Brothers, is back on the road, this time with his old group, the Stamps Quartet. (Hat tip, Robert York.)  (EDIT: 8/5/2011: Broken link removed)
  • Mike LeFevre’s Priority Quartet has landed a new tenor, Nathaniel Justice. His resumé is quite unusual for a Southern Gospel tenor, including gigs at Disney and Cedar Point.
  • Wes & Andrea Hampton welcomed their fourth boy, Sutton Ashford Hampton, on Tuesday morning. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]

Upcoming Reviews:

  • January 10: Then and Now (Olivia Collingsworth)
  • January 18: What You Hear is What You Get (Randy Byrd)
  • January 25: Expecting Good Things (Jeff & Sheri Easter)
  • February 1: Decennial (Dove Brothers)
  • February 8: No Trace of Rain (Paid in Full)
  • February 15: Songs You Know By Heart (Talley Trio)
  • February 22: Jubilee (Legacy Five, Booth Brothers, Greater Vision)
  • March 1: Heritage Hymn Collection Vol. 1 (Browns)
  • March 8: It Just Started For Me (Cross 4 Crowns)
  • March 15: Songs From the Old Path Vol. 3 (Old Paths)
  • March 22: Simply Put (Soul’d Out Quartet)
  • March 29: Having Fun (Gold City)
  • April 5: Breakthrough (Ball Brothers)
  • April 12: Hymns of the Homeland (Songfellows)
  • April 19: Unclouded Day (Blake Bolerjack)
  • April 26: Mercy Met Me (Calvary’s Way)
  • May 3: DVD Review: The Best of the Jubilee Years (Dixie Echoes)
  • May 10: Praise (Childress Family)
  • May 17: For This Time (Tribute Quartet)
  • May 24: Faithful (Rick Webb Family)
  • May 31: Another Blessing (Three Bridges)
  • June 7: Heaven’s Worth Waiting For (Watkins Family)
  • June 14: God Is (Cavaliers Quartet)
  • June 21 For Such a Time As this (Couriers)
  • June 28: It’s Worth the Wait (Dana Russell)
  • July 5: It’s All Good (Gold Harbor)
  • July 12: Rescued (Harris Family)
  • July 21: It’s Time (Dale & Cheryl Golden)
  • July 26: Something For Everyone (Voices Won)

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  1. Daniel, for you to catch up on reviews, all artists need to stop releasing new projects for about six months.

    • Actually, truth be told, I’m caught up—every one of those reviews is already written!

      • You are amazing, Daniel! That is great that you are all caught up!

      • Thanks! It was an intense several-week period writing all the reviews, but I’m both glad to have done it and glad it’s done!

  2. How’d ya find out Gold City was realeasing a new album?? I haven’t seen that anywhere…

    P.S. Where is the review of the new GVB project? Aren’t they putting out a new album with new songs this spring?? Or maybe I was misinformed.

    • Having Fun isn’t a new Gold City release. It’s a table project from 1996.

      • Yes – I review classic CDs every now and then!

  3. I heard last night from one of the GC members that they will be making two CDs very quickly. One is going to feature all Doug Riley songs and the other one is going to be with Lari Goss! Can’t wait for these two CDs to become available!!

    • Awesome, awesome, awesome….. 😀

  4. Ed O’neil’s mother, or Gerald Williams’ mother??

    • Ed O’Neill’s, according to Chuck Peters of SouthernGospelReporter.

    • Actually…Gerald’s and Ed O’Neal’s mothers passed away on the same day. Gerald’s mother was 95.

    • Seriously? That’s an amazing coincidence—made more so by the fact that they were two years apart in age, both mid 90s, and both mothers of two of the longest-lasting and most distinguished bass singers out there.

      • The Dixie Melody Boy/Melody Boy parallel is amazing as it is (similar names, traditional group, bass singers having sung for 50+ years who both have white hair, glasses, and mustache AND are surrounded by 3 younger guys), much less the above happening. I do know Gerald appreciates everybody’s prayers. He’s on the road this weekend like the trooper he is. And I know Ed flew to Seattle to meet DMB soon as his mother’s funeral was over. These legends have some amazing dedication.

      • Wow—yes, that level of dedication is amazing.


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