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  1. Never heard of him… gonna have to do the Youtube thing to get a “feel” for his low notes…

    • He was featured on a couple of songs this past NQC with the Dixie Echoes. I stopped him in the hallway to tell him “Who knew” he had such a great voice. I didn’t recall having heard him featured before. Get a copy of Singing News he has a column ‘where are they now’

  2. An excellent pick-up but I wish Mark would have picked somebody not currently with a group, now the musical chairs begins and I think Pat would be better with the Dixie Echoes. 🙁

    • From the wording of the press release, Mark Trammell put out the announcement so the bass singer could find him.

      Honestly, if I ran a quartet and Pat Barker came knocking, there’s no way I could turn down a talent like that!

  3. Pat Barker is a class act, a great friend, and a wonderful Christian man. We of Southern Sound wish him only the best. Our best wishes go out to Mark Trammel Quartet, The dixie Echoes and Pat Barker, may God richly bless all of you.

  4. Wow! I didn’t see that coming.

    Daniel, I agree. Pat is amazing. Once again, I saw him years ago with the Diplomats… I was very impressed with his tone. He proves, at least to me, that you don’t have to be the lowest bass singer in the room to be one of the best. He may not be Tim Riley, however, he holds his own.

    Ironically, Joel, isn’t a very high tenor either. However, like Pat, he has a very good tone… Neither are very flashy. They kind of stand flat-footed and sing.

    Great job, Mark! I’m excited.

  5. I know that the Dixie Echoes are saddened by the departure, but wish Pat all the best!

    For me, personally, I am definitely going to miss Pat.

    He truly lives out what he sings about, and has always been a great encouragement to me and to my family.

    While we are sad that he’s leaving, we do wish him the best in his travels with Mark Trammel. 🙂

    Pray for Pat as he and his family make this move. And pray for the Dixie Echoes during this transition time.

  6. Wondering if there another Trammell Trio in our future?

    • Yes and no. They enjoy singing and do occasional dates, but they also enjoy a regular home life and don’t seem to have the desire to go on the road full-time for the foreseeable future.

  7. I am thrilled for Mark Trammell Quartet. Pat is a great bass singer and an even better Christian, from everything I have heard about him. He will be a great asset to that group. Of course, no disrespect to the Dixie Echoes. But they are used to change and always seem to land on their feet with a good line-up. I wish them all the best.

    And I have no problem promoting from within the ranks. It is no different than getting a promotion or lateral transfer or a job switch in any other occupation. I think it is great to reward singers for paying their dues and it has to be a momentum-builder for an artist to feel as if he’s advancing or growing. If every group manager picked someone not currently in a group or if there was not movement among the current artists, Gerald Wolfe would still be with the Dumplin Valley Boys and Kim Hopper would have never left the Greenes.

  8. Mark has just gotten one of the best “quality ” bass singers out there. He comes from a quartet where it’s all about singing and no gimmicks. Coming out night after night with 4 men and a piano makes you ramp up your game. I think that the way Mark handled this has been nothing but class. Putting the request out there , those that felt led came the rest is now history. No hard feelings with anyone by shopping around and make others worry. I wish them all the best and may they be blessed in the next phase of this ministry.

  9. This is great. I hope it starts a trend among trios to go to a quartet. It is the fullest and richest sound in Southern Gospel. I am told by an insider that the percentage of quartets appearing at the National Quartet Convention was 28%.

    Besides the well known quartets, there are many regional quartets that are very, very good. This should be a shot in the arm to the quartet segment of SG.


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